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  • We were just interviewed by the Finnish game site Peli Legacy

    Tuesday, 5th August 2014

    Here is an English transcript of the interview:

    For all Finnish gamers; read the article here:

    Happy reading!

  • 650+ users, 7000+ game titles and a stunning new design in the works

    Tuesday, 3rd June 2014

    663 fellow gamers have joined the cause and together we have added 7125 game titles to the database. During the coming weeks we will start implementing a new, and stunning if we may be so bold, design.

    We need at least 1000 beta testers in order to properly validate things and balance our resources. Do you want to be a part in building a new generation game page? Do not hesitate to join us.

  • 500+ Beta testers have joined the cause!

    Tuesday, 25th March 2014

    We are proud to say that more than 500 Beta testers have joined up with They provide us with excellent feedback and are crucial in the development phase of the next generation web site for Gamers.

  • Want to know more? Read this article!

    Monday, 17th March 2014

    The guys at StudentLife Network ( just wrote an article about the project. Read it while it's hot!

  • now has over 5000 unique game titles

    Monday, 10th February 2014

    On the beta version we are continuously adding more features and optimizing things in general. Our database now contains over 5000 unique game titles, 4000+ screenshots, 1800+ videos and even 900+ video game professionals. Things are in other words moving forward.

    So please do not despair if we don't post here frequently. The best way to keep up to date with the project is to apply for our beta.

  • Over 300 Beta users!

    Friday, 18th October 2013

    One small step for mankind... One huge leap for The Internet Game Database!

  • Help needed - Join the team

    Saturday, 31st August 2013

    For more information, see our Facebook page .

  • Closed Beta is in effect!

    Sunday, 23rd June 2013

    ..and so it begins!

  • Facebook-page

    Sunday, 17th February 2013

    Don't forget to check our Facebook-page for news and announcements, located at

  • Keepers Wanted!

    Saturday, 13th October 2012

    Parallel to us developing the site, we want to expand the database. And here we need your help.

    We are therefore looking for ten users who can aid us in this task. You will receive points for every bit of information you contribute, and can that way follow your progress. The chosen ones will get a chance to earn the Keeper-title, which will be the highest user type a user can earn on, and the closest a user can come to be an actual admin. You will of course keep this user status when we go live.