API: Video Game database on demand!

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The API is really fast, has an amazing up-time, scaled images and it is very easy for users to add new games to their beautiful website.

I must say that your API is incredibly good and complete. Congratulations on that, as it is helping me a lot to get the work done!

The IGDB API Provides us with the ability to provide our readers with an up to date games release feature on our website. Helping us increase our time on other features.

As far as the API goes, it’s been great so far because it gives users the flexibility to literally choose any game (no other LFG site has this) and also the news update is great. We’ve been able to take the site to the next level with your API and saved us a lot of headaches, and time, to be honest.

Total unique games141,77578,00076,000
Allowed to build competing product
SSL support
Protocol / FormatsJSON, REST, ProtobufJSON, JSONP, XML, RESTXML, REST