Dr. Neo Cortex (Character)

Neo Periwinkle Cortex has a professionally evil mind and is the villain of the Crash Bandicoot series. He also goes by Doctor Neo Cortex, N, Cortex or Doctor Cortex. Born in Peoria, he's known to create his nemesis: Crash Bandicoot. The doctor embodies many classic traits of of psychopathy and is very short-tempered. He tries frequently to manipulate others to get what he wants.

Like many other bad guys, Cortex holds a grudge against other scientists for ridiculing his outlandish ideas. That's why he is determined to take over the world in order to prove them wrong. Later however, he ends up working for Uka Uka who is one of the only two individuals that Cortex fears. Although he talks big and thinks he's better than others, he's usually nervous in the face of immediate danger. The doctor also relies a bit too much on his minion Tiny TIger to end Crash, as he fails almost constantly. For most of the time, Cortex doesn't care for the lives and feelings of others, caring only for himself and what he wants.

Other bad traits of the villain is that he can become very agitated if things don't go his way. He's not above lying and often deceives others to fulfill his evil desires.

In almost all games, Cortex is usually the final boss.