Eddy Raja (Character)

Eddy Raja is a character from the Uncharted franchise. He's the leader of an Indonesian pirate gang and a treasure hunter. A long time ago, Eddy was actually Nathan Drake's "best friend". They then worked together in a hunt to find the Eye of Indra. Later, when becoming interested in El Dorado, the gang teamed up with Gabrial Roman and Atoq Navarro in order to find the treasure before Nathan and his gang.

With a dad that's a crime lord, Eddy Raja is loud and egoistic, always talking about the treasures he discovered. He's also well-known for addressing himself in third-person, having a quick temper and using childish catchphrases. Moral isn't important as he works for the side that pays him best. Some people sees him as incompetent and stupid as Nathan keeps tricking him over and over. Gamers however, seems to enjoy his witty comics as he becomes a form of comic relief in dire moments.

Despite having a mostly negative personality, Eddy cares a lot about his pirate crew, as well as his sister. He shows great concern for his friends when they one after another gets killed by an unknown force.

Eddy Raja, like most other villains in the series, is known for double-crossing people when it comes to treasure hunting.