Karim (Character)

If you play Dying Light, you will encounter a character called Karim. He's one of the two sub-leaders of Rais' gang. At first, Karim doubts the main character Crane, thinking that he's not going to be able to keep his promises. Later on, however, as Karim and Crane works together, he becomes a bit attached to Crane.

Karim was a former bodyguard for Erol Asani. During the outbreak, Asani gets bitten by a zombie in the leg. In haste to save Asani's life as his bodyguard, Karim amputates the leg, ignoring the fact that Asani didn't want that to happen. Karim gets fired and forced to leave on his own.

While working with Crane, Karim mentions that he might have stolen some supplies for himself at the airdrop. But out of respect for his new friend, he ends up leaving the stuff to instead be collected by the player.

Later on, Rais betrays everyone and shoots Karim who gets fatally wounded. About to die he tells the main character that this was his punishment for trying to work with Rais. He also warns Crane that Rais has trapped the house nearby with explosives and that he needs to get away. Then, sadly, he finally succumbs to his wounds.