Karma the Enlightened One (Character)

Karma (League of Legends) is a strong leader torn between tradition and revolution. She's the soul of Ionia made manifest and wants nothing more than to protect the peace, even if it's by force. Karma is an inspiring presence on the battlefield, turning back her foes and shielding her allies. Her spiritual power and strong will makes her a dangerous opponent.

Before the fight, she lived a peaceful life in a small village. Led by elder monks, the villagers practiced a tradition of benevolent magic and pacifism. Karma became a beloved mediator and embraced the tradition. When the Noxus armies invaded Ionia, the elder monks insisted on talking to the general and make peace right away, a plan that Karma didn't agree upon as she had heard stories of Noxian cruelty. She ended up being right as the monks were slaughtered and soldiers ordered to strike the village.

Karma would not accept death as an outcome and sacrificed herself by drawing out the power within to summon the full force of her will. The flame took the form of twin dragons who won against the army. When the magical finally disappeared, Karma found out that the general had fallen before her.

She then became the leader of the Ionian resistance, but that didn't stop the problems. Ionia became divided between fighters who wanted revenge, and the monks who demanded the return of a spiritual tradition. Karma stood in the middle, wanting a third way. She now seeks to return her ravaged land to an enduring peace.