Mojo Jojo (Character)

Mojo Jojo is a super villian and the main antagonist of Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls franchise, both in the TV series and video games. He was Professor Utonium's former lab assistant and pet, being pretty sweet. Now, he's the Powerpuff Girls' arch-nemesis, wanting to destroy them with all his might. The urge to crush Townsville and the need to conquer the world keeps him going, no matter what. Mojo (who is a very smart) spends a lot of time creating new weapons or large robots. He has high-vocabulary use and long-lasting sentences.

When the professor created the girls, the Chemical X also hit Jojo, which gave him a huge brain, so large that it ended up sticking out of his head. He also was given new emotions, such as envy and anger. Soon, he became hateful towards the professor who started to ignore him and care more about the girls. Since then he spends his life wanting revenge. At first, he was isolated for a great period of time, becoming a loner.

Mojo is a chimpanzee, but is often called an "ape", which irritates him.

Being very cunning, he often manages to play with the Powerpuff girls's naivety. Sometimes Mojo actually manages to find their weaknesses and use it against the girls in battle. Despite being very dark-natured, he lives another life outside of seeking revenge. He enjoys buying food instead of stealing it. He also likes to build model ships and values the sense of honor.

During one incident, Mojo Jojo actually manages to defeat the girls by outsmarting them. He nearly destroyed the girls, but the police managed to catch him and he ended up in jail, even angrier than before.