Noel Kreiss (Character)

Noel Kreiss is a playable character of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and a supporting character in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

When Noel was born in the Farseer tribe (that lived a nomadic life), he was the second to last child. After the Cocoon came crashing down, it's crystal shattering, the event left the world in ruins and warfare broke out that killed the majority of mankind.

When Noel travels back in time, he's the last remaining human being from 700 AF. He goes back to the past in order to try and change the outcome of his existence. He meets Lightning in Valhalla, who tells Noel about her sister and how she wants him to help them reunite while changing the future. Doing as he was told, he then goes to meet with Serah and quickly becomes her friend.

At first, Noel is cocky and confident, yet cheerful and soft-spoken. He's a self-sufficient fighter and a hunter that sadly suffers from amnesia thanks to the time paradox. Coming from a future where humanity is almost extinct, he has some trouble with his speech, so he tends to speak in a straightforward manner. The boy loves meeting new people and explore new places. Being very protective of others, he quickly starts caring for Serah and tries his best to protect her. Noel stands by his beliefs and morals, and as a remnant from his upbringing, values life and is reluctant to hurt or kill others unless necessary. This is the reason why he doesn't like Serah's boyfriend Snow, who has a very brash personality with the heads in the clouds.