Snow White (Character)

Snow White is a character from the game The Wolf Among Us, as well as the comic Fables. She serves as the Assistant to the Deputy Mayor of Fabletown, Ichabod Crane (during King Cole's absence). She got this job thanks to her experiences from her days in the Homelands. Snow White married Prince Charming after escaping imprisonment, but eventually found out that he was cheating with Rose Red, Snow White's sister. Now she spends her days trying her best to keep Fabletown a safe haven for the Fables in the New World living among the Mundies, aka the humans.

Her character is based on the story of the same name. Snow is a close personal friend of Bigby Wolf, the town's sheriff. She is often blamed by Ichabod Crane by mistakes she didn't do (including stealing a bottle of his finest wine) and fears that the future of the Fables are going downhill, that it's not looking bright at all.

One day Snow White awakens Bigby and alerts him of a murder. She joins the investigation and uses the Book of Fables and the Magic Mirror in order to find out more clues about the victim.

Thanks to her attitude, many describes her as being an "ice queen". After the divorce, Snow became independent and cold. However, she doesn't lack the role to be a leader, and can be very charismatic at times. She actually does have a compassionate heart and displays a kind-hearted attitude towards children. Having a strong belief in justice, she worries and wants to help the less fortunate Fables.