Ursula (Character)

Ursula is a 32 year old female Newman and a supporting character in Phantasy Star II & Phantasy Star Portable 2. Newmans are a race evolved from humans in the universe. They were created for research purposes, but eventually became a race of their own. She is a brilliant and sharp woman with many talents. She spent many years in the Alliance Military Force, where she met Kraz Muehler. They fell in love and decided to marry each other.

After being an instructor of AMF, she became a leader of Little Wing and her beauty mixed with her talents sent out a message of respect and dignity. Ursula however, often hides her feelings, leaving her with many regrets about her past. She's often sad about a lot of choices and thinks about them a lot.

Ursula is also a fashion designer.


Voice acted by:Lea Gulino
Gladius (2003)
Voice acted by:Linda Cardinelli
Voice acted by:Pat Carroll
Voice acted by:Pat Carroll,Kujira