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Welcome to One Must Fall 2097. This game is an action-fighting game similar to Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat but it has a much more to offer. Once you're into the game, you choose your pilot. Each pilot has different strengths and weaknesses. You may want one that is faster, or that can take a punch or two, or one that just looks good. Each pilot needs a good vehicle, or a robot in this case. You fight other piloted robots. For victory, You gain money, for money, You can buy some upgrades and beat more robots. The economy part of this game is really simple :-), but gives new experience from a simple fighting game.

In the background story of the robot-fighting games are multinational corporations. One such corporation, World Aeronautics and Robotics (WAR), runs the entire show. WAR was started as a research institute to provide human-assisted robots for space travel. Their first prototypes were activated in 2009 and were immediately put to use by a conglomeration of companies from Japanamerica to build the first ACTIVE space station. The HAR's were better than conventional robots in that they were completely operated by a single human whose brain controlled the robot's systems via remote. The "pilot" actually "became" the robot for all intents and purposes, but no danger to the pilot was possible.

At the end of 21st century You have a chance to write history. You've waited for this night since you were a child. Fifteen years of training will be used tonight. The main prize is waiting...

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