Top 20 Faultline Games Games

NS2: Combat pits aliens against space marines in a fast paced, action-packed struggle for survival. Part twitch-shooter, part stealth crawler, design your own tech tree, choose your own style of play, and control one of seven different life forms.

Try unique abilities such as 'Devour', where the largest alien eats her enemies, or pilot the hulking mechanised 'Exo Suit' and punch aliens in the face. NS2: Combat offers ranked servers supporting casual and competitive play.Choose your play style
Build your dream loadout with a slew of unique abilities and specialisations.

Become a jetpack-wielding, grenade-launching marine; or a heavily armored, super-charged alien who enjoys eating marines for breakfast. Whether you're building sneaky teleporters in remote locations or devouring every marine in the room, this game has something for everyone.

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50 / 10002.5