Top 20 Kixx Games

A superb Formula One racing game from Sega that took sprite-scaled graphics to a whole new level. The game's single track offered a very reasonable representation of the famous Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

Players could chose to race with one of three different skill/gear settings :

Beginner : Automatic Gears

Intermediate : 4-Speed Manual gears

Professional : 7-Speed Manual Gears

Before entering the Grand Prix, a qualification lap had to be completed. In the event of qualifying, the qualifying time determined the player's position on the starting grid. During the race itself, checkpoints had to be reached within a set time, or the race was over.

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78 / 10043.9

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into space, He's Back! And he wants revenge! Sludge Vohaul, the demented evil scientist (whose sinister plan you unknowingly foiled in our last episode), is seething over his Sarien slip-up. Madder than a drenched Astrochicken, (and still determined to rule the galaxy) Vohaul has devised a new plan. A nasty plan. A plan so evil that only one as wickedly sadistic as he could imagine it. Yes, the worst nightmare ever is about to come knocking on your door- and it won't take No for an answer!

It's The Invasion of the Insurance Salesmen! Hordes and hordes of pushy, obnoxious (genetically engineered) salesmen will soon be dumped upon your home planet- unless somebody dumps on Vohaul first. And who knows more about getting dumped on than you?

Roger Wilco to the rescue! Once again, you, Roger Wilco, sanitation engineer and involuntary hero, must don your sanitary space mittens and prepare for the onslaught of evil that Vohaul has prepared. A chore not for queasy or fainthearted. And if you can stomach that…Get ready for the Granddaddy of Gross. The Emperor of Evil. The first name is Nastiness, Sludge Vohaul himself! With nothing to protect you but your wits and your wet mop, you haven't got a chance! (But that's what makes the game so much fun!)

Have fun staying out of trouble! Beat the odds. Conquer insurmountable obstacles. Defy gravity. Cry for help. Misfortune awaits you at every turn… Boggle your way through the humid stenchlands of the jungle planet Labion. Blunder your way onto the asteroid fortress of the slime-sucking Vohaul. Flounder your way through more perilous escapades than you can wiggle a space worm at.

Guaranteed to make you laugh! Packed with comedy, tragedy, suspense, horror, and many other nouns, Space Quest II will tickle your funny bone and relieve that heavy feeling in your wallet.

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70 / 10053.5