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Lionhead Studios was born in 1996 in the quaint, English town of Guildford with the bold aspiration to make ground-breaking, genre-defining games.

What began with a mere handful of designers has grown to a team of over a hundred, and now Lionhead is home to some of the most creative and talented industry professionals around. With such talent, we're always aiming to deliver the best adventures and stories for you to experience.

Our team is made up of passionate people who simply love games. Many of our veterans have kept this passion burning since the days of Black & White and the first Fable game, and with each project we've enjoyed an influx of new exciting talent to our ranks.

As part of Microsoft Studios since 2006, Lionhead stands more ready and dedicated than ever to fulfil its mission. Having built an impressive portfolio of games over the years, we're now working to bring the latest chapter of the Fable story to Xbox One, with Fable Legends.

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