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Based in Torcy, France. It is one of the largest handheld video game developers in France. The company has developed more than 35 games on Nintendo's handheld systems.

The studio managed to enter the Develop100 in 2010, being one of the world's most successful game studios according to Develop.


Release Date
Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
October 28th, 2003 (15 years ago)
PlayStation 2 / Nintendo GameCube / Xbox / Game Boy Advance / PC (Microsoft Windows)
April 18th, 2012 (7 years ago)
Wii / PlayStation 3 / Nintendo 3DS / Xbox 360 / Nintendo DS
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers
November 3rd, 2016 (2 years ago)
Nintendo 3DS / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
October 22nd, 2013 (5 years ago)
Wii / Nintendo 3DS / Xbox 360
Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission
November 29th, 2001 (17 years ago)
Game Boy Advance
Action Man: Robot Atak
September 24th, 2004 (14 years ago)
Game Boy Advance
Popeye: Rush for Spinach
April 24th, 2005 (14 years ago)
Game Boy Advance
Imagine: Teacher
August 12th, 2008 (10 years ago)
Nintendo DS
Imagine: Reporter
February 2nd, 2010 (9 years ago)
Nintendo DS
Imagine: Zookeeper
October 6th, 2010 (8 years ago)
Nintendo DS

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