Top 20 MC2-Microïds Games

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Syberia II is a third person point and click adventure game that revolves around Kate Walker embarking on a desperate search for Hans Voralberg.

79 / 100203.95

Syberia II @ IGDB
Syberia II @ IGDB

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Two separate murder cases, in two separate lifetimes - so similar in the smallest of details that one could believe they were performed by the same person. Impossible! One of the crimes took place 75 years ago, while the other just happened! Is someone copying an old serial killer? Or is it remotely possible that the same murderer is still alive and committing more crimes? In this thriller adventure, you'll play as Victoria, an FBI agent, in modern Chicago as well as her grandfather, Gustav, P.I. in Pra...

76 / 10063.8