Top 20 Mucky Foot Productions Games

A once thriving network of space stations and planets have been left lifeless, redundant scars of the apocalypse. Into this age of darkness comes light. You will lead the way in rebuilding the network of space stations to a standard accepted by the individual alien races, attracting them to harness their expertise and research new technologies. Thus begins the hilarious battle of wits and cunning, full of daring escapades.Key Features:Fully functioning alien society, with racial animosity and friendships, crime and punishment, leisure and entertainment, and functioning economy
Unique 'Torus' play area gives a viewpoint never before seen in a game
16 habitable subsections spanning three decks in each space station
Bio-deck with editable landscape and manageable ecosystem allowing complete control of terra-forming
Multiplayer support for up to three other stationmasters
Varied levels of play, from simple sandbox to detailed station micromanagement

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90 / 10054.5

Urban Chaos throws you into the heart of a modern urban jungle at the turn of the millenium.
To succeed you'll need a lethal combination of stealth, physical agility and martial art skills as you interact with the city around you.
Complete freedom to explore every areas is granted and this freedom extends to gameplay - the future is in your hands as you are drawn into an underlying plot featuring a mysterious cult who are intent on evil at this unpredictable and potentially menacing millenium period.Key Features:2 playable main characters: D'arci Stern, an agile, street-savvy female cop or Roger McIntyre, a mysterious ex-soldier.
Multiple modes of combat. Engage in hand-to-hand fighting, heavy weaponry face-offs, vehicle chases and intense shoot-outs.
Command a variety of vehicles. Take control of police cars, vans and other vehicles.

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75 / 10063.75