Top 20 Muse Software Games

You are captured by the Nazis and it is your goal to escape from Castle Wolfenstein alive - preferably with the Nazi's war plans for Operation "Rhinegold" which are hidden in the castle.
Aside from being the first part in the long running series, "Castle Wolfenstein" is one of the first games ever to incorporate stealth elements in its gameplay. And also one of the first games to utilize digital voices samples like "Halt!" etc. Since ammunition is sparse it is more often than not wiser to sneak by the guards. In order to do that the player must find uniforms in the castle to deceive lower ranking guards. Bulletproof vests, grenades and ammunition among other things are helpful items to be collected throughout the game. If the player surprises a guard with his weapon drawn he may even frisk the suprised guard. Since finding the Nazi's war plans is imperative to win the game the player needs to unlock the chests scattered throughout the castle.

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