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One of the industry's oldest independent developers, Piranha Games is fast becoming a much bigger fish in the Free-to-Play game marketplace. We are alive and thriving in the pond because we're strong on talent, management, and the alliances we have made with industry leaders. Our core competencies lay in Excellence through Passion, Creativity, and Humility. Founded in 2000, we started out as an independent developer with extensive multi-platform and multiplayer experience, making FPS action games for big-name franchises. With AAA licensed titles such as Need for Speed: Undercover and Duke Nukem Forever, we took a shift in direction towards the growing Free-to-Play market with MechWarrior Online. We have a strong vision and dedication to the product we make. And our talented team contributed as the key component to our success. Looking ahead, we are committed as ever to be one of the best Free-to-Play Development Studios in the world.


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