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It’s a beautiful, addictive and abstract action/arcade game about two souls who are in love but that can’t be together. These souls are represented by a bird and a fish, which you must learn to control simultaneously. Over the course of nine lifetimes you will help these two characters come together with the eventual goal of uniting them for eternity. This story was inspired by an ancient Chinese myth, and the theme of reincarnation lives in our level structure.

Within each of these varied lifetimes you will earn the opportunity to bring the two souls together, and at that moment they will turn into a soaring dragon. This empowering transformation was designed as a moment of liberation and pure gameplay reward to celebrate this important moment in each lifetime. The freedom and joy of flight soon leads to the ability for players to ‘skywrite’ using glorious trails of light and living paint across the sky. We hope that players will enjoy this ability to create their own aerial sculptures, and on the PS4 system they can share what they make with their friends through the Share button.

We began this project on a quest to find new gameplay ideas, create meaningful art and a desire to make something that felt genuinely new and entertaining for players. With an original gameplay mechanic at its heart, Entwined creates a unique sense of flow which only games can generate through the balance of skill, a vibrant art style and a mesmerizing original soundtrack.

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