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Discworld is a game released for PC (subsequently Mac, and Playstation) by Teeny Weeny / Perfect 10 studios in 1995. The game was released both on floppy disk and CD-Rom. The latter featured a commentary team created of many veterans of famous Brit-Coms. This included Monty Python's Eric Idle, Radio 4's (later to be more famous) Rob Brydon, ex- Doctor Who John Pertwee, 70s pop singer Kate Robbins, and Blackadder star Tony Robinson. The game is a riff on the Discworld title 'Guards, Guards', however many...

90 / 10094.5

Discworld @ IGDB
Discworld @ IGDB

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By now, you'll probably be aware of the horrible plight the Lemmings face. Not only do they have to leave their lovely little hovels for good,but they also have to escape their island before they perish in the Darkness that's coming. Your objective therefore is to save as many Lemmings as possible from each tribe and help them escape the Island.

90 / 10084.5

Lemmings 2: The Tribes @ IGDB
Lemmings 2: The Tribes @ IGDB

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A unique mindboggling game of multiple skill levels. Take command of the wackiest collection of misdirected rodents ever seen on your screen.

87 / 100294.35

Lemmings @ IGDB