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Rowan Software was a British software company focused on the development of computer games. The company was founded by Rod Hyde in 1987 and based in Runcorn, Cheshire. Rowan was best known as a publisher of flight simulators for the PC.

The company was involved with a number of publishers including Mirrorsoft, Mindscape, Spectrum Holobyte, Virgin, and Empire Interactive. Rowan's involvement with Mirrorsoft included development of the strategy/role-playing title Duster which collapsed when Mirrorsoft was declared bankrupt.

In the early 1990s Martin Kenwright left with several members of Rowan's staff to form Digital Image Design.

Rowan was acquired by Empire Interactive in December 2000.

United Kingdom
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Empire Interactive

Release Date
MiG Alley
November 30th, 1999 (20 years ago)
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Flight of the Intruder
December 31st, 1990 (29 years ago)
PC DOS / Amiga / Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Atari ST/STE
Falcon Operation: Counterstrike
December 31st, 1989 (30 years ago)
Amiga / Atari ST/STE
December 31st, 1994 (25 years ago)
PC DOS / Amiga

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