Top 20 Strategy First Games

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Disciples II is a fantasy strategy game, set in a fictional kingdom called Nevandaar (also referred to as 'The Sacred Lands'). The main focus of the story revolves around four dominant races in a state of almost constant war. These four factions are the human Empire, the dwarven Mountain Clans, the demonic Legions of the Damned, and the skeletal Undead Hordes. There are also several other 'neutral' races such as Merfolk, Greenskins and Elves (the Elves became a full-fledged playable race with the additio...

94 / 100164.7

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy @ IGDB
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy @ IGDB

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Prince John Lackland has stolen the throne from King Richard Lionheart and put him to jail. You play as Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, fighting Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Use the different skills of your Merry Men to either fight or sneak your way through levels to complete your objectives.

86 / 100124.3

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood @ IGDB

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Cossacks: European Wars is a real-time strategy computer game for Windows made by the Ukrainian developer GSC Game World. It was released on April 24, 2001. The game has an isometric view and is set in the 17th and 18th centuries of Europe. It features sixteen playable nations each with its own architectural styles, technologies and units. Players must avoid famine and engage in army expansion, building construction and simple resource gathering. Mission scenarios range from conflicts such as Thirty Year...

84 / 10054.2

Cossacks: European Wars @ IGDB
Cossacks: European Wars @ IGDB

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DRIVING THIS RECKLESS IS NO ACCIDENT! But you might want to cause a few. In these high-speed races, the more damage you inflict, the better.

80 / 100254.0

FlatOut 2 @ IGDB
FlatOut 2 @ IGDB