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The Workshop is a gathering of experienced industry vets intent on making games in a new way. Founded in 2007 by the original founders of Treyarch, The Workshop has a track record of strong engineering, production, art, design and audio services.


We believe small, focused, close-knit teams can move mountains. We stay intentionally lean across-the-board: in our office space, management structure, and agile team production techniques. While we have 60+ staff spread across multiple projects, we’re prepared to leverage robust outsourcing pipelines that more than triple our internal capacity.

Our teams focus on collaboration, honest and open communication, and daily sprint reviews of deliverables in progress. We strive for the same close communication and collaboration with our business and development partners.

We proudly encourage our talented employees to participate in game jams, including The Workshop’s internal game jam in 2013 which led to two projects that received internal greenlights for first- (and in one case second-stage) pitch development. We firmly believe our employees are our partners, and that encouraging their creativity both inside and outside the studio makes our teams and our company stronger.

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