Hello Contributor!

So you’ve decided to join IGDB’s mission of monumental proportions: filling the database with quality information and making it become the single source of truth in gaming? We thank YOU for your contribution! If you need some help before getting started then this guide can be your friend along the way. Let’s get started!

If you’re adding your own game, either as an indie developer or a publisher representative, let us know! We’re always willing to help out :)

A quick FAQ

What happens after I’ve added/edited a game?
Your edit will end up as a pending change until reviewed by an admin.

How long does it take for changes to get accepted?
Your edits will be reviewed within 24hrs (it usually only takes a couple of hours, if not less).

Should I use the original title for foreign games as the main title?
If a game has a title in multiple languages including English, then please use that as the main title. If there’s a game however that’s only been released in a specific country and an English title doesn’t exist, then the original title is fine to use.

What is the difference between a DLC and an Expansion?
DLC (Downloadable Content): This is a broad term for additional parts of a game that you can obtain online and that automatically will be added to your game after downloaded. It’s usually reserved for official content from the original company. DLC tends to be smaller than expansions and is often small content added to the base game. This is not the same as cosmetic packs.
Expansion: An expansion is usually a separate, larger piece of content that builds on top of the existing game to add significant new features. The content can be large enough to put on a CD and be sold in a store. It expands the game and makes the title larger together with the base game.

Today a lot of companies see DLC and Expansions as the same thing. If you’re not sure then ask for feedback from the community via our Discord!

Why isn’t [game title] accepted in the database?
If an edit ends up being rejected the reason is probably one of the following:
1. The edit is filled with incorrect information or media.
2. The game already exists in the database (Duplicate entry).
3. The edit contains content that isn’t supported on IGDB.

How IGDB works

Anyone with an IGDB account is able to contribute by either adding a new entry or editing existing information. Users can edit anything from games to companies, engines to characters. Once a user finish making an edit it will go into a pending change for admins or moderators to review. That way we can ensure to verify the quality of the submission. Typically your contribution will be reviewed within 24hrs and will go live as soon as it’s been accepted.

Each contribution will grant you Karma Points and allow you to level up on the site! (More on Karma later).

Reporting issues

If you spot malicious content, duplicate entries or any content that’s not supported on IGDB, please send us a message via our official form or Discord. Read more about our policy here.

Tips for contributions

There are a lot of games out there and sometimes it can be tricky to find what to edit or where to find the right source of information. These tips can help you along the way:
* Information straight from the developers or publishers are the best!
* Take a look at various press kits. They are your friends!
* Going to a company and editing their gameography is a great way to have a full in-depth set of data!

Can’t find any games to edit? Check out our Karma Hunters page.

Karma Points

For each contributions made users earn a certain amount of Karma Points. Currently each data contributed equals 1 Karma. For example 2 screenshots equals 2 Karma, 1 screenshot and 1 release date is also 2 points etc..

The more users level up their Karma the higher they climb the contribution leaderboard and increase their trust factor.