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Amazon Prime Day 2018 date leaked

By Jamie Wallace Commerce Editor Jamie is the Commerce Editor for Gamer Network and can usually be found writing about games, tech and his belief that there were never enough Jet Set Radios. More articles by Jamie Wallace -

Recently Released

The Sims 4: SeasonsJune 22nd, 2018 (15 hours ago)
Slime-san: Superslime EditionJune 22nd, 2018 (15 hours ago)
Capsella The Lights of LucerneJune 22nd, 2018 (15 hours ago)
Mario Tennis AcesJune 22nd, 2018 (15 hours ago)
New Gundam BreakerJune 21st, 2018 (2 days ago)
PodeJune 21st, 2018 (2 days ago)
Contraband PoliceJune 21st, 2018 (2 days ago)
Objects in SpaceJune 21st, 2018 (2 days ago)
Circle vs SpikesJune 17th, 2018 (6 days ago)

Coming Soon

The Awesome Adventures of Captain SpiritJune 26th, 2018 (in 3 days)
Rainbow SkiesJune 26th, 2018 (in 3 days)
NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS EditionJune 26th, 2018 (in 3 days)
Lumines RemasteredJune 26th, 2018 (in 3 days)
The Crew 2: Gold EditionJune 26th, 2018 (in 3 days)
PHOTON CUBEJune 27th, 2018 (in 4 days)
Up Left OutJune 27th, 2018 (in 4 days)
Fighting EX LayerJune 28th, 2018 (in 5 days)
Castle PalsJune 28th, 2018 (in 5 days)

Most Anticipated

Cyberpunk 2077December 31st, 2019 (in 2 years)
Star CitizenDecember 31st, 2019 (in 2 years)
Red Dead Redemption 2October 26th, 2018 (in 4 months)
The Last of Us: Part IIMarch 31st, 2019 (in 9 months)
Final Fantasy VII RemakeDecember 31st, 2018 (in 6 months)
AnthemFebruary 22nd, 2019 (in 8 months)
Kingdom Hearts IIIJanuary 29th, 2019 (in 7 months)
Days GoneFebruary 22nd, 2019 (in 8 months)
Beyond Good & Evil 2December 31st, 2018 (in 6 months)
Metro ExodusFebruary 22nd, 2019 (in 8 months)