What is IGDB?

The goal of the Internet Game Database is to gather, preserve, and distribute knowledge about games. This knowledge includes not only the data that every gamer finds printed in their analog and digital game manuals, but also the data that can never be captured in stable print: what the games really are. Games are not books, films, or toys - they are all of those things and more. True knowledge of games can only be gained by gaming and study, and this is why IGDB exists: to provide gamers their own shared vision of what games really are. All are welcome to join us on this journey.

So, is this it?

No, the site is far from complete. We will continuously be developing IGDB.com, adding more features and improving the design and user experience.

I don't see the change I have made?

  • When you add information to the database, it goes through our validation system. The validation systems purpose is to serve as a kind of quality control for user generated data.
  • If a game has pending information there will be a link on that page, labelled “Validate new information”. Click it and you will arrive at the validation page.
  • On the validation page, all changes to the specific pages are tracked. If you click on the latest change group, you can see information which has been added (colored green) and information that may have been removed (colored red).
  • If you agree with the latest change group, vote for it to be validated by clicking upvote.
  • If you disagree with the latest change group, vote for it to be removed by clicking downvote.

When a change group has been upvoted to a certain limit, the information becomes validated and visible on the game page. If downvoted to a certain limit, the information is deleted.

How can I help?

There are a lot of ways in which you can help:

  1. Add information to the database. Remember, no game left behind! If you lack inspiration regarding what games to add or complete, you can always check the karma hunter page located in your user menu.
  2. Bug hunting. Kill em, kill em all.
  3. Send us your feedback. Good or bad, critique or feature ideas. We want to hear it all.

Are you looking for more people?

We are currently looking for:

  • Skilled frontend developers. Knowledge in Coffeescript is a must.
  • Skilled testers with experience from automated testing and RoR

All candidates must have a passion for games and know how to work from home. Friendly and openminded is also good traits.

I have found a bug, where do I report it?

Please use the Bug form to report bugs

Please include information about:

  • Where the bug was found
  • What you did to make it appear
  • What browser and version you are using

What is User Karma?

All IGDB users have a Karma rating, which reflects their contributions to the site. Every time you contribute data to IGDB – games, credits, companies etc. – your Karma rate increases. Eventually, users with high Karma rates will be given benefits such as access to non-public data and exclusive editing rights. Moreover, if you contribute massive amounts of data on a specific genre like RPGs, adventure games, or racing games, you may one day get to administrate the flow of contributions to that department.

Do you accept donations?

You can donate at our crowdfunding page.

100% of donations go directly to project upkeep costs, that means paying service fees and licenses.

I have an idea, where do I express it?

Please use the feedback forum to share your ideas. Create a new topic there and start discussing it with other users!

How do I add an avatar?

We only accept avatars from Gravatar.com for now. So if you want an avatar, please create one there and it will be automatically integrated on your profile.

What is a platform?

We understand ’platform’ as hardware technology on which games are made and played. Not to be confused with distribution software through which games are sold (and possibly played too).

Can I trust the information in IGDB?

Yes. All our information has been validated by administrators.