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Suggesting editions to a game ?

I couldn't find how to edit a game and submit editions on the website. The only way I found was to add a game with the same name, which is quite not intuitive. Am I blind or am I making a suggestion now ?


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On any games page the Edit button should be at the end if the games title. You can also add "/edit" to the end of a game pages URL to go right to the edit page. You may have ran into the beta test with a different layout that didn't have the edit button included.

Adding a game with the same name attempts to create a new page with that title, unless something has changed on the site.


The devs were running an alternate page layout for testing purposes until a few days ago, which didn't have an edit button.

Should be back to normal now i believe. In doubt you can always force it manually by typing '/edit/ at the end of a game page url.