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Battle City Multiplayer

The 1985 Namco's classic game comes back now with internet support!Features:Play alone or with a friend over the internet.


  • Simple built-in chat.
  • Additional options like friendly-fire, number of lives and starting level.
  • You can unlock via the configuration file an "unrestricted join mode" where you can connect as many friends as you like (this could make the game unplayable, though).

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try this game. Super Tank Battle - BattleCity. There are 5 different difficulty levels (from easy to crazy). It should meet different people need.

Play Battle city at anytime, anywhere!
Game Rule 101:
- Defence your base, and destroy all enemy tanks
- If your tank or your base is destroyed, it will be game over.

the total rating is quite high, it means that this game is interesting. I am also playing it and want to a partner while fighting. If you consider, you can Go to Google play to download now:


or file apk at: http://choilieng.com/apk-on-pc/com.unknownprojectx...