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Your Game of the Year 2015

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Since a countdown page for The Game Awards has been released here on IGDB, I think it's a fair time to ask which game was your personal game of the year? Were you impressed with Fallout 4, or did Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain just push all the right buttons? Or was Rocket League just way too much fun for any of these big titles to even compete for the honour?


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& me: Undertale all the way, babyyyy! As a complete experience, I think this was really the video game of the year for me. The length was absolutely perfect, the music is outstanding, and the gameplay works.


Personally, I liked Rocket League. It took a fairly niche game type and polished it so finely that everybody jumped on board. It just neatly ticked every box you could think of; stable, competitive, single player, split screen, good controls, social, customisable. Great game, I wouldn't be surprised if it won.


Being a big fan of heavy single player focus stories in games/cinema, i'd have to go for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt :)Its gameplay isn't perfect, but what it managed to do with its storytelling was just fantastic i think.While a lot high fantasy games are often riddled with cheap cheesy redundant quests, Witcher has poignant and believable characters in a world that really feels alive.

I don't remember ever wanting to talk to every single peasant in a game before just because i actually cared for their problems.. and that is a pretty fantastic thing to achieve !

Special mention to on how CD Project Red handled their release. Having started playing on day 1 of the release (it's even the reason i bought a new console :)) they have improved the game seamlessly and for free in so many ways, from UI and frame rate improvement, to new quests & items.. Their attention to detail was very much noticeable in my opinion.

Now bring on Cyberpunk 2077...

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Witcher 3 no doubt. I just love Polish fantasy! :) Have not tried Fallout 4 yet though...


I have to agree with Lightfoot, Undertale was a great game this year... MMO wise I kinda have to give credit to APB:Reloaded for hosting a amazing halloween event OwO/


Wow, it would actually be really interesting if they also gave an award for the best event in-game!


Btw, do you guys/girls want to see more of these special pages?


I find it really handy to have everything in one place, this page was a good example of that, and ideally this is part of what IGDB aims to achieve.

I would say yes, more special pages :)