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What is not welcome

  1. Personal Attacks.
  2. Embedding or linking copyrighted/illegal material.
  3. Links/Videos/Images posted without context.
  4. Sensationalized titles.
  5. Replies that don't positively contribute to discussion.
  6. Direct links to downloads.
  7. Trading or begging.
  8. Petitions and surveys.
  9. Referral/affiliate links
  10. Unmarked spoilers.
  11. Unlabeled (not safe for work) links.


Promoting your projects/articles/etc is permitted, but it must be relevant to the section and you must follow up the original post by participating in the discussion.


What are those flags on the right upper corner or topics and comments?

If you notice unwelcome or suspicious writings, please flag them. Our moderators will be following flagged writings and take action if necessary.


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