Unity 2018 (Game engine)

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The 7th version of the Unity engine released on May 2, 2018.

It will receive 3 updates over the year with a final change on the release of the next version of the engine,
The engine will be supported for 1 year after this change as part of their Long Term Support for the engine, there will be no major updates during this support.

2018.3 was released on December 7, 2017.

Release Date
Dead Dungeon
November 12th, 2018 (9 months ago)
Mac / Linux / PC (Microsoft Windows) / Nintendo Switch
Town of Salem
December 15th, 2014 (5 years ago)
Mac / Android / iOS / Web browser / PC (Microsoft Windows)
Dungeon Escape
May 27th, 2016 (3 years ago)
Mac / Android / Linux / PC (Microsoft Windows)
November 8th, 2018 (9 months ago)
Mac / PC (Microsoft Windows)
Signal Simulator
April 29th, 2018 (a year ago)
Linux / PC (Microsoft Windows)
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Lonely Mountains: Downhill
December 31st, 2019 (in 4 months)
Mac / PC (Microsoft Windows) / Nintendo Switch
The Donnerwald Experiment
October 30th, 2020 (in a year)
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Vagrus - The Riven Realms
December 31st, 2020 (in a year)
Mac / Linux / PC (Microsoft Windows)

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