20 Games Like 1Kanoid(TBA)

A puzzle game from XtalSword.

A puzzle game from FoxEye.

An arkanoid clone for the iPhone

A Breakout variation played with two players

A game for the iPhone that plays like a cross between Arkanoid and Space Invaders. The game features 8-bit graphics and sound effects generated by the Commodore 64 sound chip.

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A block-breaking game for the Amiga

A brick-breaking game with RPG elements. The goal is to find your way back to Earth through the walls of bricks blocking your path.

80 / 10004.0

The third part of Aquanoid series

The sequel to 3D Brick Breaker Revolution delivers new levels, power-ups and boss fights.

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island is a Bejewelled-clone by Nordcurrent.

The third version of Break It

The first Break it (2000)

The classic brick game comes back as DSiWare.