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4EVOLVE: Deep Stars is a space sim 4X game set in randomly generated galaxy. DEEP STARS is extraordinary space game beyond the typical simulator. You take the role of spaceship Nomad, for which the player creates a career path. You can grow as a trader, smuggler or captain of the fleet. Buy and sell various goods. Create and develop your space empire! The game is open-ended, and you are free shape your career. You can sign and break alliances with the various races fighting for power, freedom and oxygen sources!

Gameplay features:
- model of flying based on physics, no casual mode
- trading
- missions
- mining
- crafting
- ship building
- tactical and dynamic battles
- fleet buiding
- World Events System - build gallaxy situaions based on game progress, player and AI decisions
- AI Friends system
- AI Leveling based on progress
- ship modules interiors
- World randomness
- planet managment - buildings, population mnagment, strategy view
- space stations build and customize
- build your imperium
- all ships flyable
- crew management
- cooperative, max to 6 players based on local servers
- open-ended game