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A Bug's Life (Credits)

Traveller's Tales

Jon BurtonGame Design and Programming
James CunliffeHead Artist
Dave Dootson3D Engine Programming
Jeremy PardonCharacter Animation
Dave BurtonCharacter Animation
Neil AllenCharacter Artwork
Dave BurtonCharacter Artwork
Beverley BushCharacter Artwork
Jeremy PardonCharacter Artwork
Will ThompsonCharacter Artwork
James CunliffeBackground Artwork
Neil AllenBackground Artwork
Dave BurtonBackground Artwork
Beverley BushBackground Artwork
Jeremy PardonBackground Artwork
Will ThompsonBackground Artwork
Barry ThompsonTerrain Design
Andy HoldroydUtilities Programming
Dave DootsonUtilities Programming
Gary IrelandUtilities Programming
Paul HobartUtilities Programming
Psygnosis (Support Company)
Greg DuddleProducer for Psygnosis
Andy BlytheMusic by
Marten JoustraMusic by
P. C. MusicSound Effects (Support Company)
Arthur ParsonsPygnosis Testing
Gary SpencerPygnosis Testing
Lee O'ConnorPygnosis Testing

Disney Interactive

Dan WintersSenior Producer
Peter WyseAssociate Producer
Mary ShuylerProduction Manager
Christina VannArt Direction
Renée JohnsonAssistant Producer
Thom AngSenior Artist
Dan WintersAdditional Game Design
Peter WyseAdditional Game Design
Jeff BlattnerSenior Manager Product Quality
Carlos SchulteSenior Tester
Karl DrownLead Tester
Kevin CopeLead Tester
Andre AguilarTester
Pat LarkinTester
Randy Newman"A Bug's Life" Score by

Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA)

Susan MicheleProducer
Perry RodgersSenior Producer
Peter DilleSenior Director, Product Marketing
Craig RechenmacherProduct Manager
Mark PentekQA Manager
Neil MusserTechnical Coordinator
Jose CruzLead Tester
Ivan KougaenkoAssistant Lead Tester
Andrew ByrneAssistant Lead Tester
Chris KeithTester
Joe RaposoTester
Eric MolinaTester
Jesse WilsonTester
Robert CoiteTester
Gabriel AusielloTester
Charles HernandezTester
Deoge AtkinsTester
John SweeneyTester
Helen BurtonSpecial Thanks
John LasseterSpecial Thanks
Steve RidingSpecial Thanks
Bob PauleySpecial Thanks
Helen GavinSpecial Thanks
Katherine SarafianSpecial Thanks
Nell AgiarcSpecial Thanks
Francesca CharlesworthSpecial Thanks
Sue FullerSpecial Thanks
Kaz HiraiSpecial Thanks
Ed DeMasiSpecial Thanks
Marilyn WeyantSpecial Thanks
Jack TrettonSpecial Thanks
Peggy GallagherSpecial Thanks
Marie MacaspatSpecial Thanks
Andrew HouseSpecial Thanks
Brian BalisteriSpecial Thanks
Kathleen HandySpecial Thanks
Jon ManahanSpecial Thanks
Jon BurtonDirector

A Bug's Life

59 /100

Released: 1998

A Bug's Life is a video game based on the Disney/Pixar film of the same name. It was released for various systems in 1998 and in 1999. The game's storyline is similar to that of the movie, with a few changes. After...