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Releasing: December 21, 2010

Ever wanted to play a game where you don't have to waste even one second on the tutorial? Where the only thing you have to do is destroy aliens, rake in cash, flirt with the shopkeeper and upgrade your ship to destroy even more aliens? Then A Space Shooter for 2 bucks! is the game for you! Plus, it's only 2 Bucks! That's like, the best deal EVER!

-Destroy ten different kinds of alien ships across sixteen different levels
-Annihilate five alien generals and steal their unique weapons
-Make money to upgrade your ship, then kill more aliens
-Enjoy ten different types of power-ups
-Enjoy philosophical banter with your ship's trusty AI Edgar IV. Nahh just kidding!

Embark on an epic journey across the stars to destroy X, the Supreme Alien God Emperor, and bring peace to the universe. Bah! Who're you kidding? You're doing this 'cause you get a tremendous kick out of blowing alien scum to smithereens!