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A Story About My Uncle (Credits)

Gone North Games

The Crew
Bartek LindhArtist, HR Manager
Elin HambergArtist, Writer
Moa JohanssonCharacter Artist
Oliver ErikssonProgrammer, Artist
Philip LindauProgrammer, UI
Santiago FerreroSound Design, Composer
Sebastian ErikssonDesign
Sebastian ZethraeusProject Manager, Design
William BirgerssonLead Artist
Christian ChristiansenLead Animator

Coffee Stain Studios

Additional Help
Kristoffer AnderssonHand Animator
Mattias EckardtAdditional Animation
Sigge ErikssonAdditional Assets
Andreas JanssonAdditional Animation
Viktor NyströmAdditional Assets
Magnus NyströmAdditional Assets
Joakim SjööTrailers
Rasmus BjörkTrailers

Gone North Games

Special Thanks
Vincent OlivieriSpecial Thanks
Fred BergkloSpecial Thanks
Marcus OldbringSpecial Thanks
Marcus RännareSpecial Thanks
Stefan HannaSpecial Thanks
Armin IbrisagicSpecial Thanks
Daniel LundwallSpecial Thanks
Morten TalleivsenSpecial Thanks
Johanna NilssonSpecial Thanks
Vic BasseySpecial Thanks
Danial DadgarSpecial Thanks
Gustav EngmanSpecial Thanks
Jacopo AntonucciSpecial Thanks
Buddha BabulanamSpecial Thanks
Amanda SieversPlaytester
Anders HillestadPlaytester
Antonio VrcicPlaytester
Cecilia FagerPlaytester
David BjerngrenPlaytester
Eddie S. PäivärintePlaytester
Emma VikströmPlaytester
Erik SchwartzPlaytester
Felix ErikssonPlaytester
Frej DahlinPlaytester
Hampus HuledalPlaytester
Joel ZakrissonPlaytester
Johanna WesterlundPlaytester
Josefin KnutasPlaytester
Leo FrösslingPlaytester
Leo HellströmPlaytester
Leo ToivioPlaytester
Leon YaoPlaytester
Lina SigurdhPlaytester
Linda Tvrdek WesterlundPlaytester
Lotta RydinPlaytester
Lotta WahlströmPlaytester
Martin HultmanPlaytester
Martin ÖhrströmPlaytester
Mathias NordqvistPlaytester
Mattias EkströmPlaytester
Oliver WärnbergPlaytester
Olle HagmanPlaytester
Philip BretschneiderPlaytester
Rebecca OlssonPlaytester
Rebecca RylanderPlaytester
Rufus TrondePlaytester
Sofia PeinertPlaytester
Takano BergPlaytester
Tove SjölinPlaytester
Viktor RaykovPlaytester
William WennergrenPlaytester

A Story About My Uncle

76 /100

Released: 2014

A Story About My Uncle is a non-violent First-Person platform adventure game built in the Unreal Engine. It is a story about a boy who searches for his lost uncle and ends up in a world he couldn’t imagine...