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Naval Surface Combat Tactical Simulation during 1922-1945.

Contains Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean Theaters. Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Shore Batteries and many other naval units engage in deadly, exciting War at Sea.

Action Stations! is unique- a combat modeling system designed by an active duty naval officer to test computerized tactical decision support systems has been adapted into a commercial simulation of unparalleled accuracy and authenticity.

This is not a toy! Developed from a huge data base, including U.S. Naval War College "Fire Effect System" from 1922-1945, this game is authentic, detailed, sophisticated, challenging- and fun!

Simple or Sophisticated: Take full command, or delegate some actions to "computer subordinates".

Authentic Scrolling Battle Plot tracks your forces and enemy units. This is not a "squares" game, but what you would expect in a warship's Combat Information Center.

21 Displays/Status Boards gives you a clear, instant access to information on individual units and your entire fleet.

Detailed, Thorough Treatment of smoke, starshells, flares, searchlights, radar, shore batteries, stack gasses, aircraft recce and spotting, burning oil slicks, capsized hulks, weather, more!

A wily, cunning computer opponent, or play a friend.
Seven levels of difficulty.

Accurate "Detect to Engage" Sequencing for gunnery. Control guns in local control or by a gun director, manual or automatic.

Torpedo Fire Control Computer similar in precision to World War II models. Authentic "torpedo spreads", tracked to less than a yard.

Ships are Modified Exhaustively: 42 Hit zones, 14 armor locations, list and stability, counterflooding, fires, breakdowns and repairs, damage control, engineering capabilities, flooded or exploded magazines, much, much more.

Build Scenario capability to make your own scenarios. Generate Scenario program allows you to direct the computer to create an infinite number of new situations! Plus a Save Game feature to store games in progress.

Ship Classes: Superbattleships to PT Boats! U.S., German, British, Italian, French, Japanese, Dutch and Russian fleet units. Many "design only" classes- the German H-44, Japanese Kii, American IV-2 and Montana, much more.

Command ships individually or in formations.

Gunnery Calculations include 31 "rate of fire" and "accuracy" factors controllable by the player- armor penetration model includes angle of shell fall, incident angle of hit and individual characteristics of 69 gun types.

Four mission types: Strike, Battle, Escort, Raid.