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Actual Sunlight (Credits)

Will O'NeillWriter and Director
CG Artwork by Archia
Alina SechkinCharacter Pixel Artwork
Robin OgdenSelect Music by
Alexandre LouafFrench Translation
Andrea Luciano DamicoItalian Translation
Spanish Translation Team
David Mota RoblesGestión de proyecto
Alba Hernandez DianaTraducción
David Mota RoblesTraducción
Diana Vázquez-SaizTraducción
Paula Carrasco CanoTraducción
Estrella Garcia AlbaceteCorrección
Modern Tileset by Lunarea
Supporting Scripts by Niclas, MelosX, FenixFyrex, Zerbu, Moghunter, Zeus81, Hime
Jacob Fischer"Good Foot" Typeface
Additional Sound FX via: as3sfxr,
Additional Thanks to:
Alex QuinonezAdditional Thanks
David S. GallantAdditional Thanks
Rick HodgsonAdditional Thanks
Spooky Squid Games
Jean-François CaronAdditional Thanks
James M. RobinsonAdditional Thanks
Tim MuldowneyAdditional Thanks
Crutis SeversAdditional Thanks
Matt HoratAdditional Thanks
Greg BuchananAdditional Thanks
Ross RosenbergAdditional Thanks
Dave GorgaAdditional Thanks
Stephan WimmerAdditional Thanks
Robin OttensAdditional Thanks
Adam HartlingAdditional Thanks
Tyler BralyAdditional Thanks
John BundayAdditional Thanks
Simon SchimdAdditional Thanks
Lucas CarlisleAdditional Thanks
David JudahAdditional Thanks
Cathy KnightsAdditional Thanks
Colin FranczykAdditional Thanks
Jordan NikoloyukAdditional Thanks
Charles P. DeYoe IIIAdditional Thanks
Jered HeeschenAdditional Thanks
Nathan CrossAdditional Thanks
John VaskisAdditional Thanks
Lorena BoninAdditional Thanks
Aaron JudahAdditional Thanks
Bredon ClayAdditional Thanks
Danny BaumgardtAdditional Thanks
Axel LjungkvistAdditional Thanks
Taryn LeBlondAdditional Thanks
Carmen StegerAdditional Thanks
Tim MuldowneyAdditional Thanks
Mary-Lou ManfrediAdditional Thanks
Andrea ChambersAdditional Thanks
Franek SkonieckiAdditional Thanks
Dahpon HoAdditional Thanks
Alexandre LouatAdditional Thanks
Keith FriedlanderAdditional Thanks
Marisa StroudAdditional Thanks
Dorian TokiciAdditional Thanks
Very Special Thanks to
Bruno LoffVery Special Thanks
Amy CooperVery Special Thanks
Jason PayneVery Special Thanks
Thank You - Will O'Neill


Actual Sunlight

60 /100

Released: 2013

Actual Sunlight is a short interactive story about love, depression and the corporation.

The game puts you in the role of Evan Winter, a young professional in Toronto, as he moves through three distinct periods of...