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Releasing: December 01, 2016

Ahnayro is a historically focused, narrative driven puzzle game exploring the world of dreams. You play as a person gifted with the ability to look beyond the veil of reality, investigating a universe that opens up to you every night; haunting you, beckoning you to solve the mysteries within.

Yet you are not in control of this world; you are at the mercy of mysterious individuals, who flow in and out of your mind. Your only hope of gaining control over this world is to piece together your fragmented visions and confront your tormentors.

As any dream, however, this new reality is structured on the waking world, and understanding one necessitates understanding the other.

The dream world reveals itself in fragments. It is up to you to piece together information and discover the hidden meaning behind them. Through a series of research and logic-based puzzles which challenge your knowledge of real world historical events, figures, art and mythology, you will slowly uncover the identities of those who speak to you in your dreams.