How many days until AI War: The Zenith Remnant release date?

Game is already released

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The Zenith Remnant is AI War's first expansion, and focuses both on adding capturable units and a new minor faction called the Zenith to the game. Arcen maintains an exhaustive list of features, but highlight features are as follows: * Golems, which have many similar properties to Supreme Commander's "Experimentals". * Several new base ship types, further expanding on the available choices for the player as well as making the AI a more devious opponent. * New AI types that took advantage of many of the capturables introduced, as well as some that use Zenith ships. * Over 40 minutes of new music tracks composed by Arcen Games' composer, Pablo Vega. * A new class of "Experimental" ships that offer abilities one would not ordinarily find in AI war ships.