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Releasing: March 14, 2001

The king took him in at a very young age, but Alaron is now old enough to realize that he was adopted deciding to set out on a quest to track his own heritage. Along his journey, Alaron has had the fortune of meeting up with a party of others that are looking for adventure. You can choose to play as any of 13 characters. A more or less traditional role-playing game, AIDYN CHRONICLES: The First Mage is a brilliant mix of interaction, fighting, and extensive exploration. All of the battles take place in an innovative turn-based system, challenging you to handle both combat and real-time strategy. All of the characters and environments in the game are rendered in full 3D, and the characters have complete freedom in their ranges of movement. There's more territory in the game's expanses than you'll ever get a chance to see, and the sheer diversity of the character types is really impressive. If you like role-playing games, you'll want to check out this installment of Aidyn Chronicles.