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Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage (Credits)

H2O Interactive

Christopher BaileyProject Director / Lead Programmer
David DubordProject Director / Designer / Writing
Michael TamExecutive Producer
Gabriel JonesProducer
G. Christopher KlusLead Game Designer / Story / Writing
Bryan EwertLead Tools Programmer
Sarah MeasherLead Artist
Angela FerraioloHead Writer
Andrew LainsDialogue Director / Designer / Writing
Jai KristianLead Tester
Andrew BrechinDesigner
Richard LoomerDesigner
Michael Anderson (I)Programmer
Michael HushesProgrammer
Peter ThompsonProgrammer
Colin FletcherProgrammer
Christopher EwinstonProgrammer
Ian ByersProgrammer
Christopher BretzArt Direction
Jeff KingCharacter Artist
Andy GerhigCharacter Artist
John HayesCharacter Artist
Kern NembhardCharacter Artist / Environment Artist
Chris KniffenCharacter Artist
Sherridon RoutleyEnvironment Artist
Jakub PokornyEnvironment Artist
Jon Scott McBainEnvironment Artist
Roland LongpreEnvironment Artist
Rayna Van BalkomEnvironment Artist
Lorie ClayEnvironment Artist
Mark SilcoxWriting
David KlannAssistant Dialogue Director
Chris RezansonTester
Jennifer RivasTester
Amy HearnTester
Sean JonesTester
Craig JonesTester
Dan FeldmanTester
Gord McDowellAdditional Contributions
Andrew Brown (I)Assistant Dialogue Director
Mark JensenAssistant Dialogue Director
Georgina OkersonAssistant Dialogue Director
Ross KakuschkeAssistant Dialogue Director
Tim KrauseAssistant Dialogue Director
Jonny LiuAssistant Dialogue Director


Scott KraserExecutive Producer
Curtis CheringtonAssociate Producer
Andrew Brown (I)Associate Producer
Alison QuirionSenior Product Manager
Chris ZilliottoAssociate Product Manager
Liz PieriPublicity
Kathy MendozaPublicity
Jeremy BarnesDirector of QA
Donn NauertDirector of QA
Sean HeffronLead Tester
Erik van RooyLead Tester
Ryan KullLead Tester
Jay CardellioTester
Raz PulurianTester
Julian BrummittTester
Amin RaziTester
Brad ZybertTester
Rob FloydTester
Byron GuerreroTester
Jason PislaanTester
Cory LedesmaTester
Tim GrimaudTester
Cody GrimmTester
Joseph MacaulayTester
Nick GardnerTester
Mica HaneyTester

Studio X

Steve SimSound and Music
Rob PlotnikoffSound and Music
Max ArnasonSound and Music


Brian FarrellSpecial Thanks
Jeff LapinSpecial Thanks
Michael RubinelliSpecial Thanks
Leslie BrownSpecial Thanks
Peter DilleSpecial Thanks
Alison LockeSpecial Thanks
Tiffany TernanSpecial Thanks
Nathan RoseSpecial Thanks
Kristen MittermullerSpecial Thanks
Cosmina ChindarisSpecial Thanks
Jacki KeonSpecial Thanks
Cindy TamSpecial Thanks
Allison TamSpecial Thanks
Herman MaSpecial Thanks
David PridieSpecial Thanks


Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

Released: 2001

The king took him in at a very young age, but Alaron is now old enough to realize that he was adopted deciding to set out on a quest to track his own heritage. Along his journey, Alaron has had the fortune of meeting...