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Releasing: December 31, 1997

You were born to a minor town mayor and his wife. You had the spark of Elemental Powers. Your grandfather once had the same spark. He was to become a priest of the Cult of Wisdom, The only legal user of Power.

Your grandfather abhorred the priest life. He was given a choice. To be bereft of the Powers for ever, or to become a priest. He chose neither, he managed to escape the priests. But he was too dangerous an example. He was hunted down and executed publicly.
Most people still believe the Cult is the only answer to their everyday religious needs. But your father knew the truth. The Cult had many good men, true keepers of wisdom, but as every power does, even wisdom corrupts.

The Townspeople were loyal to your father, and so they arranged you to 'disappear'. In truth you were sent to an old man, elementalist himself by some claims. To avoid suspicion, he lived far distant from any larger settlement. He was forgotten by the cult.
Your father hoped you would be forgotten as well.