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Alien Hominid (Credits)

The Behemoth

John BaezProducer
Tom FulpGameplay Programming
Brandon LaCavaEngine and Tools
Dan PaladinArt and Animation
Joshua BarthProgramming
Scott FadickProgramming
Chip BurwellProgramming
Matthew HarwoodMusic and Sound
Ron LemenBackground Art
Lucas GracianoBackground Art
Emil AyoubkahnTesting
Theresa PudenzTesting and Sound
Nick DryburghAdditional Programming
Kirit NagdaAdditional Programming
Andrew TravissAdditional Programming
Jose OrtizAdditional Animation
Robotic Dream StudiosAdditional Sounds (Support Company)
Max BaezPDA Levels
Jeff RoseCounci
Clint BurginSpecial Thanks
Erika FrietasSpecial Thanks
Ron WheelerSpecial Thanks
Brian SchmitSpecial Thanks
Pearl KugelSpecial Thanks
Wade FulpSpecial Thanks
Wilson HarwoodSpecial Thanks
Tonia BarthSpecial Thanks
Kim WeberSpecial Thanks
Julianne MarkowSpecial Thanks
Billie MartinSpecial Thanks
Kate DurkesSpecial Thanks
Gratuitous GamesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Industrial ArtsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)


Alien Hominid

70 /100

Released: 2004

They've got your spaceship and you will blow up anything in your path to get it back. Completely hand-drawn high-definition graphics, coupled with old-school game play, results in ultimate mayhem and hours of fun!