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PC (Microsoft Windows)



2026 AD. One year passed since aliens invaded planet Earth. These monsters have captured large districts of the Earth surface, and now all the humanity arises against them. Among secret government research projects theres a virus which can help people survive and avoid total annihilation. You must get into the secret research-and-development center and save the virus. Yes, save the virus, because its in danger now...

In the new part of the game: - 5 new missions, put together in a plot line - vivid prehistory - even larger crowds of monsters to wipe out before you reach the goal.

The alien invaders from Alien Shooter have quickly become the dominant species on the surface of Earth. Humanity has had to hole up in protected and contained settlements. For over a year people have had to learn to live in these settlements and have become their own prisoners. But now a group of scientists have come up with an experiment to fight back and resist the invasion from decimating the human race. This plan calls for the creation of a super creature who, under control of humans, will fight the alien invaders and push them back. It's up to you to find this creature and set it free to fight the menace, but of course who's to say The Experiment won't backfire?