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Aliens: Colonial Marines (Credits)

Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software is
Awais AhmodGearbox Software Developer
Daniel AlgoodGearbox Software Developer
John AndersonGearbox Software Developer
Robert AndersonGearbox Software Developer
John AntalGearbox Software Developer
Raul AparicioGearbox Software Developer
Aaron ApgarGearbox Software Developer
Matthew ArmstrongGearbox Software Developer
Bjarni ArnasonGearbox Software Developer
Erik AvalosGearbox Software Developer
David AveryGearbox Software Developer
Stephen BahlGearbox Software Developer
Ghent BaileyGearbox Software Developer
Ray BarhamGearbox Software Developer
James BarnettGearbox Software Developer
Tris BaybayanGearbox Software Developer
Kyle BeasleyGearbox Software Developer
Brian BekichGearbox Software Developer
Christopher BlackGearbox Software Developer
Logan BlackburnGearbox Software Developer
Dalton BoutteGearbox Software Developer
Chris BrockGearbox Software Developer
Jeffrey BroomeGearbox Software Developer
Anthony BurchGearbox Software Developer
Brian BurlesonGearbox Software Developer
Ruben CabreraGearbox Software Developer
Wade CallenderGearbox Software Developer
Mike CarlsonGearbox Software Developer
James CartGearbox Software Developer
Sean CavanaughGearbox Software Developer
Adam ChandlerGearbox Software Developer
Matt CharlesGearbox Software Developer
Andrew CheneyGearbox Software Developer
Christine ChoateGearbox Software Developer
Jacob ChristopherGearbox Software Developer
Jennifer ChungGearbox Software Developer
Stephen ColeGearbox Software Developer
Jeramy CookeGearbox Software Developer
Brian CozzensGearbox Software Developer
Peter DannernbergGearbox Software Developer
Trey DavenportGearbox Software Developer
Joshua DavidsonGearbox Software Developer
Mike DavisGearbox Software Developer
Patrick DeupreeGearbox Software Developer
Erik DoescherGearbox Software Developer
Ben DongesGearbox Software Developer
Kevin DucGearbox Software Developer
Erin DudleyGearbox Software Developer
James DwyerGearbox Software Developer
Frederic EcholsGearbox Software Developer
David EddingsGearbox Software Developer
Don EubanksGearbox Software Developer
Hector FajardoGearbox Software Developer
Chris FaylorGearbox Software Developer
Manuel FernandezGearbox Software Developer
Ryan FieldsGearbox Software Developer
David FiskGearbox Software Developer
Rich FleiderGearbox Software Developer
Adam FletcherGearbox Software Developer
Zach FordGearbox Software Developer
Jasper ForemanGearbox Software Developer
Mark ForsythGearbox Software Developer
Brent FriedmanGearbox Software Developer
Brian FullerGearbox Software Developer
Ben GettlemanGearbox Software Developer
Steve GibsonGearbox Software Developer
Evan GillGearbox Software Developer
James GilliganGearbox Software Developer
Maarten GoldsteinGearbox Software Developer
Chris R. GutheryGearbox Software Developer
Dia HadleyGearbox Software Developer
Shaylyn HammGearbox Software Developer
Ryan HeatonGearbox Software Developer
Philip HebertGearbox Software Developer
Rob HeironimusGearbox Software Developer
Paul HellquistGearbox Software Developer
Jonathan HemingwayGearbox Software Developer
Andrew HoffmanGearbox Software Developer
Brent HollonGearbox Software Developer
Stephen HouchardGearbox Software Developer
James HouchenGearbox Software Developer
Comb HuaGearbox Software Developer
Richard HueninkGearbox Software Developer
Jimmie JacksonGearbox Software Developer
Brad JacobsGearbox Software Developer
Josh JeffcoatGearbox Software Developer
Skyler JermynGearbox Software Developer
Richard JessupGearbox Software Developer
Neil JohnsonGearbox Software Developer
Stacie JohnstonGearbox Software Developer
Steven JonesGearbox Software Developer
Scott KesterGearbox Software Developer
Damian KimGearbox Software Developer
Kyle KingGearbox Software Developer
Charles KostickGearbox Software Developer
Michael KrivacekGearbox Software Developer
Brian Lam-BentleyGearbox Software Developer
James LeeGearbox Software Developer
Jesse LemonsGearbox Software Developer
Justin LightfootGearbox Software Developer
Matt LinkGearbox Software Developer
Jonathan LoGearbox Software Developer
James LopezGearbox Software Developer
Jeff MacfeeGearbox Software Developer
Jeffrey MahmoudiGearbox Software Developer
Brian MartelGearbox Software Developer
Adam MayGearbox Software Developer
David MayGearbox Software Developer
Curry McKnightGearbox Software Developer
Casey McLauchlinGearbox Software Developer
Mike McVayGearbox Software Developer
Ryan MedeirosGearbox Software Developer
Ryan MetcalfGearbox Software Developer
Drew MobleyGearbox Software Developer
John MulkeyGearbox Software Developer
Aaron NationsGearbox Software Developer
Jason NealGearbox Software Developer
Chris NeeleyGearbox Software Developer
Paul NettleGearbox Software Developer
Mike NeumannGearbox Software Developer
Tu NguyenGearbox Software Developer
Shannon NortonGearbox Software Developer
Ricky OhGearbox Software Developer
Josh OlsonGearbox Software Developer
Nate OvermanGearbox Software Developer
Shane PaluskiGearbox Software Developer
Wes ParkerGearbox Software Developer
Kevin PenrodGearbox Software Developer
Ben PerkinsGearbox Software Developer
Nick PetersonGearbox Software Developer
Mark PettyGearbox Software Developer
Hung PhamGearbox Software Developer
Chris PickettGearbox Software Developer
Randy PitchfordGearbox Software Developer
Kyle PittmanGearbox Software Developer
Rick PorterGearbox Software Developer
Sean ReardonGearbox Software Developer
Josh RearickGearbox Software Developer
Jason ReissGearbox Software Developer
Ashley RochelleGearbox Software Developer
Kelly RomeoGearbox Software Developer
Brian RoycewiczGearbox Software Developer
Jim SandersGearbox Software Developer
Robert SantiagoGearbox Software Developer
Jeff SarrettGearbox Software Developer
Keith SchulerGearbox Software Developer
Chase SenskyGearbox Software Developer
Eric SextonGearbox Software Developer
Darron ShafferGearbox Software Developer
Carl SheddGearbox Software Developer
Jason ShieldsGearbox Software Developer
Jimmy SiebenGearbox Software Developer
Leo SiebenGearbox Software Developer
Brad SierzegaGearbox Software Developer
Gabriel SimonGearbox Software Developer
Ryan SmithGearbox Software Developer
Jasen SparacinoGearbox Software Developer
Steven StrobelGearbox Software Developer
Matias TapiaGearbox Software Developer
Aaron ThibaultGearbox Software Developer
Brian ThomasGearbox Software Developer
Graeme TimminsGearbox Software Developer
Kyle UmbenhowerGearbox Software Developer
Greg VanderpoolGearbox Software Developer
Randy VarnellGearbox Software Developer
Scott VelasquezGearbox Software Developer
Taku WanifuchiGearbox Software Developer
Mike WardwellGearbox Software Developer
Michael WeberGearbox Software Developer
Tim WelchGearbox Software Developer
Jennifer WildesGearbox Software Developer
Hayley WilliamsonGearbox Software Developer
Nicholas WilsonGearbox Software Developer
Kanon WoodGearbox Software Developer
Lorin WoodGearbox Software Developer
Hunter WrightGearbox Software Developer
David ZimanGearbox Software Developer
Gretchen ZuefeldtGearbox Software Developer
Parker AmosGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Josh BallGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Uriah BellettoGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Chris BlackGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Brock BrownGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Paul BurtGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Christopher CamachoGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Elizabeth ChaoGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Larry ColvinGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Leigh-Ann CoxGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Kandis DanielGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Seth DeKreyGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Justin DeLiberisGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Jasmine De VoreGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Jeffrey DoeringGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Steven FastGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Patrick FennGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Daniel FinneganGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Wes GirdlerGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Ell HamiltonGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Michael HayesGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Andrew HoffmanGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Kirsten KahlerGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Nick KaunGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Jesse KirsteinGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Tyler KuhlmanGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Colton KurthGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Brian Lam-BentleyGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Justin LightootGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Mike McVayGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Matthew MillerGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Jeffrey MitchellGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Anthony NicholsonGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Jason OrsattiGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Cameron OvandipourGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Gilberto PerezGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Andrew RezaGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Christopher RobertsGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Brad RohrGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Ken RossGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Tim RothGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Bridget Scott-ShupeGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Eric ShaddixGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Greg SilvaGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Brett SimmonsGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Josh WhiteGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Al WoodGearbox Quality Assurance Team
Lee AmarakoonAdditional Credit
Garrett BenoitAdditional Credit
Patrick BlankAdditional Credit
Steve BodnarAdditional Credit
Adam BoltonAdditional Credit
Oreaser BrownAdditional Credit
Charles BusbyAdditional Credit
Dave CallaAdditional Credit
Mike CarlyleAdditional Credit
Tyler CarsonAdditional Credit
Geoff CaseAdditional Credit
Peter ChapmanAdditional Credit
Andrew CogginAdditional Credit
Brian CopeAdditional Credit
Kyle DavisAdditional Credit
Eric DrienskyAdditional Credit
Tommy EubanksAdditional Credit
Chris FrancisAdditional Credit
Jeff GironAdditional Credit
Joshua HallAdditional Credit
Anthony HandyAdditional Credit
Collins HatleyAdditional Credit
Sean HollomanAdditional Credit
Sloan HoodAdditional Credit
Rick JohnsonAdditional Credit
David KingAdditional Credit
Alessandro KitchenerAdditional Credit
Ed LimaAdditional Credit
Leighton LuckeyAdditional Credit
Sean MaioAdditional Credit
Derek MannsAdditional Credit
Cameron MaskAdditional Credit
Syd MeadAdditional Credit
Craig MullinsAdditional Credit
Michael NestickAdditional Credit
Ty NichosAdditional Credit
Jason O'ConnellAdditional Credit
Clayton PaceAdditional Credit
Stephen PalmerAdditional Credit
Matt E. PattersonAdditional Credit
Daniel PhillipsAdditional Credit
Travis PoppenhusenAdditional Credit
Matt PritchardAdditional Credit
Stephanie PuriAdditional Credit
Jerret RearickAdditional Credit
Martin SawkinsAdditional Credit
Athony ScalesAdditional Credit
Evan SchrembsAdditional Credit
Jim ShepardAdditional Credit
Gabriel SimonAdditional Credit
Chris StarkAdditional Credit
Tracie TakataniAdditional Credit
Keith ThompsonAdditional Credit
Ben WagleyAdditional Credit
Matt WeaverAdditional Credit
Charlie WiederholdAdditional Credit
Dalton WileyAdditional Credit
Lori WilsonAdditional Credit
Tim WilsonAdditional Credit
The Ant FarmAdditional Credit (Support Company)
Epic ChinaAdditional Credit (Support Company)
MetricmindsAdditional Credit (Support Company)
Renkewitz StudiosAdditional Credit (Support Company)
Shadows in DarknessAdditional Credit (Support Company)
Thompson & WeddleAdditional Credit (Support Company)
VirtuousAdditional Credit (Support Company)
VykarianAdditional Credit (Support Company)
Dylan HanlonAdditional Credit
Vanna Miracle CallenderGearbox Baby
Audrey Elizabeth DwyerGearbox Baby
Evelyn Paige EubanksGearbox Baby
Aviel PetersonGearbox Baby
Cohen James SheddGearbox Baby
Personal Thanks
Special thanks to my wife Sobia, for her love and support while working on Aliens: Colonial Marines. - Awais Ahmed
I would like to thank my family, specially my mom and dad for awlays telling me to pursue those things that I wanted the most. The Game community, for continuously inspiring and evolving. And most of all, the fans. Thank you for buying our game! :) - Raul Aparicio
Mamma, Pabbi, Helga, Linda og Tómas: takk fyrir að vera frábær! Ísland, bezt í heimi! Superspecial thanks to Judy for being such a badass <3 - Bjarni Arnason
I would like to thank all my friends and family for making my life better in every way. I want to give a shout out to Jacob, James, Ryan, Matthew, Jesse, Hank, Michael, and all my other friends back home. Miss you guys! - Josh Ball
Thank you to my beautiful wife, Brandy, for your love and support, and a special thanks to Comb's mom. - Ray Barham
Number 2! Thanks to my friends and family. You guys are the shizz. - James Barnett
Thanks to my Family, Friends and Co-workers. You help make every day awesome. Thanks to my Playtesters too! - Kyle Beasley
Gotta move fast! Thanks for the support everyone! - TNT. - Uriah Belletto
Thanks to everyone in the DTX/ATX BUH Clan for being awesome. Alex, Mako, you guys are family for live. Much love. Thanks for the fight TNT: QA to ashes! - Christopher Black
I would like to acknowledge the continued support of my family. I would also like to thank James' mom. -Dalton Boutte
Thank you to Sonja and Lilly for being the most understanding family you could possibly wish for. - Chris Brock
Thanks to all my friends and family who supported me and helped me get here. TNT - Brock Brown
I want to thank my mom, dad, and my brother for encouraging me throughout the years. I also want to thank my wife for supporting me through the long nights. I love all of you. TNT - Chris Camacho
I'd like to thank Jasen's mom - James Cart
Thank you to Pecan House for all the good memories! - Matt Charles
For Natasha and Kieran. - Stephen Cole
Thank you for all your love and support, I love you Vivi! Mom and Dad thanks for making me. Oh, Kyle and Sean, you're in the credits! - TNT - Larry Colvin
I would like to thank my fiancé for all of his love and support. - Leigh-Ann Cox
I would like to thank my awesome Mom and Dad. My siblings; Kriss, Kevin, Keyonna and AJ. My super friends; Adam, Ginger and Melina. And Everyone that put so much work into this game and accepted me as one of the team. Congrats to all of you and thank YOU for playing. - Kandis "Mcfly" Daniel
Thank you to my amazing family and friends. I could never be where I am today without you. A big thank you to all my co-workers and Gearbox who both amaze and inspire me everyday. This truly is a place to call home. - Peter Dannenberg
I would like to thank Raymond and Patricia Haas for being so supportive and understanding during everything, and Richard De Vore for being an awesome husband. I love you guys. - Jasmine De Vore
Thank you Allie for always being there for me and supporting me in everything that I do. Love you babe! - Seth Dekrey
Thanks to the brightest stars in my night sky: Annabelle, Audrey, and Charistie. You are the fabric of my dreams, my compass, and my destination. - James "the DMO" Dywer
Dedicated to my family for always believing, and to Pamela for her unreserved love and support. - Fredric Echols
Thanks to my father, Eddie Eddings, for letting me watch Alien when I was 9 years old. And thanks to the theater employee who looked the other way when I was only 15 and purchased a ticket for Aliens. - David Eddings
Thanks to Stephanie and Evelyn, my two lovely ladies. - Don Eubanks
For my favorite military family: Edo, Erinn nee-chan, and young master Kieran. Stay strong. And thanks to my parents. for buying me all those Aliens toys as a kid. - Steven Fast
Shaddix (shad-icks) v. shaddiced, shaddixing, shaddixes 1. To shoot an underbarrel grenade at a Xenomorph at close range in order to prevent it form killing the marine, and instead allow both the Xenomorph and the marine to die. 2. Killing a Xenomorph with a grenade at close range, and the marine inexplicably survives. - Patrick Fenn
Kelly, I love you. Thank you for all your love and patience. Mom and Dad, thanks for letting me do so mutch "research" growing up. Love you guys. - Ryan Fields
I would like to thank my homies Dale Smith, Mark Strasser, Billy Suguitan, Jared Peccarelli... and Gretchen's mom! - David Fisk
My sincerest apologies go to my lovely geeky wife Angela for all the late nights spent at the office. I look forward to making it up to you! As for all the dedicated and passionate Artist that contributed to this project, you should be genuinely proud of the results of your sacrifice. - Rich Fleider
Thanks to my Mom, Dad, and Brother. Also huge thanks to my good friends including Richard and my dog Toby. Thanks for not taking a dump on my bed during long nights! - Adam Fletcher
I want to thank my loving and supportive wife Meredith and my entire family. I also want to thank Chase, Palmer, Chawlee and the entire Pecan House for very found memories. Congrats to the entire Aliens team for shipping this title. And of course thanks to our fans, for without them we wouldn't be making games in the first place! - @zaford20
Thank-you to my beautiful wife, Lindy and my sons, Draven and Tavin. - Mark Forsyth
Thanks, Katie, I like your face. - Brian Fuller
It's nobody's birthday but mine - with Richard Pollack and Webb - Ben Gettleman
Thanks to my family for not abandoning me at a rest stop as a child; thanks to my friends for listening to me talk about my job incessantly. Thanks be to Shaddiz for bequeathing upon us the gift of Shaddixing, and thanks to my coworkers for not beating me unconscious with a tire iron every time i launch into a rant about politics. - Eli Hamilton
Special thanks to my supportive family, friends, and HR for taking away my tire iron before I did fomething we'd all (midly) regret - Jeff Doering
A special thanks to my brother, my sister, and Claire. Also, Jeff's mom. - Comb Hua
Thanks to my family for supporting me, my friends for tolerating my absence, and my wonderful co-workers for making the long hours and weekends bearable. Pecan team is perfect team - Nick Kaun
Special thanks to my parents, living in Seoul, Korea. Happy 2013! - Damian Kim
A special thanks to my wife Emily, without her support, I never would have been able to make such a good career choice and come to Gearbox. - Michael Krivacek
I would like to thank my friends and family, TNT, O'Neal for kicking down all the doors, and all the awesome people at Gearbox! - Tyler Kuhlman
Thanks to everyone in QA for keeping each other smiling and laughing throughout this project. Also, go TNT! - Colton Kurth
To my friends and family for their love and support, and to my wife Kristen for being the bee's knees. - James Lopez
To Jenna and Addie, thanks for being the best. I Love you guys. - Adam May
Thanks to my wife Missy and the rest of my friends and family, especially to my boy Norman. - David May
Big thanks to Sharon for eating alone all those nights. And all my friends and family. You rock! - Ryan Medeiros
Thanks to Laura, Mary, and the rest of my family for putting up with crazy hours, impomptu anecdotes, and the occasional rants. This was an amazing project to be part of, and I love you all! TNT. - Matt Miller
A special thanks to my wife Leslie and my daughters Lydia and Diana for putting up with me not being there... but more importantly, putting up with me on those occasions when I was. - John Mulkey
To my awesome family and friends, thank you for being there, love you all. And remember, "You can't make a thirsty man drink water." - Tu Nguyen
I thank my beautiful wife Ashley and our son Anthony II for understanding daddy's late nights and also my whole family for their constant support, love ya'll! Phil 4:13 - Anthony Nicholson
Aw yeah, Aliens! Big thanks to the Brians and fellow GBXers for bringing me in way back when, I've had lots of fun memories with Pecan. Cheers! P.S. Amy, you still smell. :D - Ricky Oh
Thank you to my amazing wife Jackie. Thanks to my friends and family and especially my parents who have always supported me in everything I do. - Josh Olson
Thanks to all my friends and family who have supported me, even the crazy ones! - Jason Orsatti
Kim, Avali, Melissa, and Lyn; thank you for your love and support, I woudl be lost without you all. Love, Gilberto Perez
To the extended Perkins Clan, with its various affiliates, new additions, and honoray members: Love you all. :-D - Ben Perkins
Thanks to my wife for being ok with the long hours necessary at times, and for being an amazing mother to my small brood. - Nick Peterson
Endless love and thanks to my best friend and better half, Kristy Junio Pitchford, and to our son, Randall S. Pitchford III. Thank you to Ridley Scott and James Cameron and the teams behind your films for the inspiration, blue prints and reference material. - Randy Pitchford
Thanks David Kim Thomas Dad Mom Sammy Lara burritos you. - Kyle Pittman
Thanks to all the fans, especially those who came out to live events and got slaughtered by Xenos. Now it's your turn. Thanks to my friends for your love and encouragements. Thanks to my sons, may you learn the passion and joy of games from me. Thanks to Gearbox for a home. - Rick Porter
Thanks Stefanie and my family for all the support. TNT. - Ken Ross
My thanks go to my father, Oggie, my mother, Eva, and my brother, Alex Roycewicz for unconditional support as well as a monster-truck load of thanks to Laura Obenhaus for putting up with all the late Friday nights. And thanks to you! Yes, you for reading this right now! Email me ans say hi! - Brian Roycewicz
Thanks to Becki Sanders, Sofia Sanders, Sara Sanders, and the USMC. - Jim Sanders
I would like to thank Robert Santiago Environment Artist. - Robert Santiago
Special thanks to all Pecan team members past and present, I'll never forget all the great times we shared at the Pecan House... <3 - Chase Sensky
Still reading? Here's some useless trivia for you. Aliens is the only movie I've seen in St. Louis. Do you want another? Dwayne Hicks is the master of the Theremin. I made that one up. Xenos made me do it. Enormous thanks to the underbarrel grenade launcher. Deciphering acrostics can be fun! - Eric Shaddix
Thank you to Julie, Mom, Dad, Todd & Dennis. Cheers to Sergey for all the hard work. - Jason Shields
I actually got to work on a game that my parents know a thing or tow about for once. I hope you guys are proud. Thanks to all my family and friends who are always there for me. I couldn't have done this without you. - Brad Sierzega
Thank you, Julia, for being so ptient and supportive; I love you guts. And thank you for every single cookie. TNT. - Greg Silva
I would like to thank Micah Duniho, Braxton Love, Aaron Orr, and Doug Fore for being some of the best gamer friends Evar! Also, a very special thanks to David's mom. - Jasen Sparacino
Thanks to my family for their continued support, Team Awesome for all the great times, and the people I've never had the chance to thank for the influence they had on my life: Andreas U., BriCo, Eric A., Gabe M., J-Strw, Pattu G., R.D.D., Tony T., Rob Denbleyker, and of course Z. I wouldn't be who I am or where I'm at without the support of ALL of my friends. - Steve Strobel
Thanks to Richard Howdy, Kristy List, Brace, Reed and Dayne Timmins. - Graeme Timmins
Thanks to Lynea Loeffler, Rob Umbenhower, Janice Umbenhower, Megan Umbenhower, and Emily Umbenhower for their love and support. - Kyle Umbenhower
Big thanks to everyone at Gearbox and my family; especially grandma, who told me I would never make money playing video games. - Greg Vanderpool
Thank you Annie for your love and support! To Carter, Daddy loves you very much! To all my friends and family back in the Northeast I love and miss you all! - Tim Roth
To my Chancey - I love you, darling. To my Gearbox Family - Congratulations MELTING MY FACE OFF with all your hard work and ass-kicking!!! - Hayley Williamson
To the exhausted Aliens team: Thank you for empowering me to do my best work on this game, daily! Outside of Gearbox I would like to thank my family (for their patience), our A:CM forum moderators (for their loyalty), Gunpei Yokio (for inspiring me), and alos Lorin Wood (for reminding us how famous he really is). - Nicholas Wilson
Thanks to my friends, the Wood and Eilers families, John Basile, VGCorps, and Michael "Archangel" Castro. I miss you, you Handsome Devil. - Al Wood
Many thanks to my wife Jessica, my daughter Hanna, and all my family and friends. - Hunter Wright
I want to thank Philip for always being there for me. Also, Ray's mom - Gretchen Zuefeldt
Thanks to teveryone at Gearbox that made this game awesome. Especially me. - Elizabeth Chao
I'd like to thank my wonderful girlfriend Tamyra McCartney, my parents ,all of my friends, my dog Poppy, and all the UKCM and USCM that helped us at all the tradehows! Alos the best Sega Producer: Sir Matthew Powers Knight of Grandiocious! -Brain Burleson
Thanks to all the UKCM and USCM who helped us in the develiopment and presentation of ACM:
Sean MaioThanks
Angela DuplisThanks
Chris DuplisThanks
Paul MaitlandThanks
Kris KobusThanks
Gareth EllnerThanks
Matt BradleyThanks
Chris HohenkerkThanks
Liz HohenkerkThanks
Terran RobertsThanks
Christian MatzkeThanks
Mike RizzutoThanks
Darren KempThanks
Melissa KlassenThanks
Dan CallaghanThanks
Paul Brugnoli-ElmsThanks
Steve PasekThanks

TimeGate Studios

Alan ChavelehExecutive Producer
Adel ChavelehExecutive Producer
Brett NortonGame Director/Design Director
Zachary ForcherArt Director
Phillip MoralesCreative Director
Robert SiwiakProduction Director
Denis PappProgramming Director
Tom AshleyProducer
Matthew ZehnerLead Animator
Richard HopperAnimation
Lydia HallAnimation
Aaron MarroquinAnimation
Maxie AntinoneAdditional Animation
Ruben Garza Jr.Additional Animation
Angel RuizAdditional Animation
Kevin WorthAdditional Animation
Enrique Piña IIILead Character Art
Hector Salinas Jr.Character Art
Chris GeorgeAdditional Character Art
Andrew HuntAdditional Character Art
XPECAdditional Character Art (Support Company)
Nick BlackConcept Art
Manuel Gomez IIIConcept Art
Ignacio Bazan LazcanoConcept Art
William SmithConcept Art
Carlos CabreraAdditional Concept Art
Steven CarruthersAdditional Concept Art
Isaac ChoiAdditional Concept Art
Pablo PalomequeAdditional Concept Art
Thomas WoodsLead Environment Art
Jeremy BrownEnvironment Art
David KingEnvironment Art
Hung NguyenEnvironment Art
Chris PercleEnvironment Art
Amanda StewartEnvironment Art
Joshua StubblesEnvironment Art
Tuan TranEnvironment Art
Yingpei GamesEnvironemnt Art (Support Company)
Roger CastroAdditional Environment Art
Ryan HawkinsAdditional Environment Art
Robert McCoinAdditional Environment Art
Ali MayyasiLead Technical Art
Austin AdamsTechnical Art
Sergey TrubetskoyLead UI Art
John MerrittUI Art
Eric GreenliefLead Visual Effects
Jeremy BaldwinVisual Effects
Jaewon LeeVisual Effects
Amirali ShojaeiAdditional Visua Effects
Drew RechnerPrincipal Game Design
Keith TurkowskiGame Design
Mark YetterGame Design
Daniel CapesAdditional Game Design
Marcel MacaulayAdditional Game Design
Steven BaroskiLead Level Design
James BrawleyLevel Design
Robert HallwoodLevel Design
Chris McCrimmonsLevel Design
Samuel VillarrealLevel Design
Nathaniel WoodLevel Design
Steve YoungLevel Design
Thomas BonnerAdditional Level Design
Kevin HsuAdditional Level Design
Lianne PappProject Manager
Cody BradleyProduction
Marcel MacaulayProduction
Chris NelsonProduction
Tucker GeorgeAdditional Production
Matt MooreAdditional Production
Bryan PerezAdditional Production
Jeff SolomonAdditional Production
Pau WatkinsLead Programmer
Matthew BaileyLead Engine Programmer
Chris MuellerLead Online Programmer
Kevin BarringtonProgramming
Seth ChadwickProgramming
Jia ChengProgramming
Anthony DavisProgramming
Brian KayProgramming
Chris LiermanProgramming
Josh MahanProgramming
Michael SchaadtProgramming
Jeff SmithProgramming
Thang Hong ToProgramming
Jesse ZiglarProgramming
Joey AlfecheAdditional Programming
Seth BlackAdditional Programming
Priyesh DixitAdditional Programming
Danny DyerAdditional Programming
Thomas KeyAdditional Programming
Kenneth MoralesAdditional Programming
Julius PedersenAdditional Programming
Michael JelleyLead Tools Programmer
Michael JahnTools Programming
Christian SelbredeTools Programming
Jacob WashenfelderTools Programming
Ryan Vincent JaegerAdditional Sound Design
Bob StrengerAdditional Sound Design
Jeff MaQuality Assurance Lead
Andrew MontgomeryAssociate Quality Assurance Lead
Daniel CapesQuality Assurance
Matt MooreQuality Assurance
Joshua HakakianAdditional Quality Assurance
Nicholas HuertaAdditional Quality Assurance
Samuel OnofreyAdditional Quality Assurance
Dylan MooreAdditional Quality Assurance
Christopher MuellerAdditional Quality Assurance
Joseph OrpheAdditional Quality Assurance
David PollanAdditional Quality Assurance
Harry TruongAdditional Quality Assurance
John Van AnglenAdditional Quality Assurance
Adrian YearbyAdditional Quality Assurance
Jesse ZiglarAdditional Quality Assurance
Mary Beth FriebeleAdministration
Ronnie HobbsAdministration
Larry McMichaelAdministration
Asheley ReckAdministration
Aaran PateHuman Resources
Brooke SilversteinHuman Resources
Penelope Rose BaileyTimeGate Development Baby
Maya Mercedes GoemzTimeGate Development Baby
Sam LiermanTimeGate Development Baby
Traius MerrittTimeGate Development Baby
Cruz Xavier MoralesTimeGate Development Baby
Henry Reid ZehnerTimeGate Development Baby
Mort BaharlooSpecial Thanks
Mark WintersSpecial Thanks
David TyerSpecial Thanks
Joe GallegosSpecial Thanks
Liz OrpheSpecial Thanks
Scott WeissSpecial Thanks
Our Families and Friends
ADMAdditional Special Thanks (Support Company)
Epic Games, Inc.Additional Special Thanks (Support Company)
IntelAdditional Special Thanks (Support Company)
NvidiaAdditional Special Thanks (Support Company)
Dedicated to the memory of Henry Reid Zehner

Nerve Software, LLC

Brandon JamesNerve Studio Head
Bryan CavettNerve Art
Chris EdmistonNerve Art
James GreskoNerve Art
Aaron HausmannNerve Art
Kristian KaneNerve Art
Jomaro KindredNerve Art
Steve MainesNerve Art
Ethan McCaugheyNerve Art
David MitchellNerve Art
Nick PappasNerve Art
Shawn SpetchNerve Art
Aaron ColeNerve Code
Roger KortNerve Code
Ian ChildsNerve Design
Ronn HarbinNerve Design
Richard HeathNerve Design
Joel MartinNerve Design
Russell MeakimNerve Design
Todd RoseNerve Design
Michael StoneNerve Design
Lisa LoeweckeNerve Additional Support
Mason LucasNerve Additional Support
Hugo BeyerNerve Special Thanks
Ed CraneNerve Special Thanks

Demiurge Studios

Dave FlamburisArt Lead
Andrew CormierArt
Anthony FelicianoArt
Phroilan GardnerArt
Katie StampfArt
Lee HeplerArt
Eric B. OrrArt
Jane TsaiArt
Nick PooleAudio
Josh GlavineDesign Lead
Dan ChretienDesign Lead
Les NelkenDesign
Evan NikolichDesign
Jared GoldbergDesign
Alex RiceEngineering Lead
Chris LinderEngineering Lead
Tim CondonEnigneering
Dave ElderEnigneering
Andrea FongerEnigneering
Kwasi MensahEnigneering
Andrew MoiseEnigneering
Morgan QuirkEnigneering
Eddie ScholtzEnigneering
Adam RosenfieldEnigneering
Andrew WessonEnigneering
Joseph ZupkoEnigneering
Tom LinProducer
Kurt ReinerProducer
Bart SimonProducer
Justin LokeyAssociate Producer
Jimmy StoreyQuality Assurance Lead
Chris ChungQuality Assurance
Michael LeoneQuality Assurance
Mike PattiQuality Assurance
Brian RelayQuality Assurance
Kyle TodescaQuality Assurance
John TsengQuality Assurance
Nathanael Newby-KewQuality Assurance
Zachary WaegellQuality Assurance
Keri BeckwithDemiruge Studio is...
Will JenningsDemiruge Studio is...
Liang LiDemiruge Studio is...
Albert ReedDemiruge Studio is...
Bill ReedDemiruge Studio is...
Kevin TeichDemiruge Studio is...

Shadows in Darkness

Rick DanielsShadows Executive Team
Hugh FalkShadows Executive Team
Nick SchreiberShadows Executive Team
Devon BrowneShadows Executive Team
Nelson IzquierdoProject Manager
Jorge VereaProject Manager
Rodney WaldenArt Director
Karen SanokArt Lead
Henrique NaspoliniArt Lead
Devon BrowneAnimation Director
Luis BatistaAnimator
Neal SukkertAnimator
Catalin BalaceanuAnimator
Tarun SharmaAnimator
Kevin KaoAnimator
Ruth AgadaAnimator
Ricardo VelezAnimator
Cory CollinsAnimator
Jon CooperLead Level Designer
Anthony AlvarezLevel Design
Eli StevensonLevel Design
Adam GlueckertArtist
Steven BuchholzArtist
Udell InfantoArtist
Craig SchillerArtist
Sean CoutureArtist
Jeremiah BigleyArtist
Marisa AinsworthArtist
Josh DamomanArtist
Tyler BronisArtist
Sam MosesArtist
Jaco HerbstArtist
Paul ToscaArtist
Jesse SandiferArtist
Ken LeSaintArtist
Ken MayfieldTechnical Art

Funky Rustic

Alexander BrandonAdditional Sound Design
Levon LouisAdditional Sound Design


Timothy CubbisonCasting and Production Supervisor
Austin SnyderProduction Associate
Poppy OrphanidesProduction Associate
Dana MeltonAdditional Dialogue Writer
Chad QuandtAdditional Dialogue Writer
Nick BennettAdditional Dialogue Writer
Kal-El BogdanoveAdditional Dialogue Writer
Chris FaiellaAdditional Dialogue Writer
Brenda Marie PhillipsAdditional Casting
Wes GleasonVoice Director
Kal-El BogdanoveVoice Director
Dan MontesDialogue Recordist
Will VolkmannDialogue Recordist
Ben RauscherDialogue Recordist
Lucas HirlVoice Production Coordinator
Harry BuerkleVoice Production Coordinator
Chris FaiellaVoice Production Coordinator
J. David AthertonDialogue Editor
Greg SaisDialogue Editor
Clint CorleyAudio Quality Assurance
Cesar MarencoAudio Quality Assurance
Blair TindallAudio Quality Assurance

SEGA of America

Todd HartwigDirector of Product Development
Matt PowersSenior Producer
Matthew HickmanProducer
Chris PorterDesign Director
Tatsuyuki MiyazakiCEO
John ChengPredident/CFO/COO
Masanao MaedaCCO
Marcella ChruchillSenior Marketing Director
Dan GallardoBrand Manager
Craig HarrisAffiliate Marketing Manager
Kerstin MuellerSenior Public Relations Manager
Jen GroelingDirector of Creative Services and First Party
Teri HigginsSenior Media and Events Manager
Mary DisbrowProduction Manager
Marco GarciaSenior Graphic Designer
Carl SmolkaVideo Production Manager
Greg AmmenVideo Editor
Mike DobbinsWeb Manager
Andrew WongFirst Party Coordinator
Chris IronfieldDirector of Licensing
Anthony GaccioneLicensing Coordinator
Cindy ChauLicensing Manager
Kellie ParkerCommunity Manager
Julian MehlfeldCommunity Manager
Keith GerhardtVice President of Sales
Laurie MendezSenior Director, Sales Operations
Scott LambrechtDirector, Channel Marketing
Jeremiah WehlerRegional Sales Director
Frank ChiechiRegional Sales Director
Michael KaczRegional Sales Director
Andy NavarroSenior Operations Specialist
Liana LarsonDirector of Legal
Jerusha HermanLegal Counsel
Cindy LinLegal Counsel
Edison HaywoodContracts Administrator
John MerlinoDevelopment Operations Director
Stephen AkanaDevelopment Operations Supervisor
Anthony BanksProject Lead
Jake AlejoProject Assistant Lead
Jeffrey CampbellSquad Lead
Bob MunizSquad Lead
Kevan ArringtonTester
Carlos BanderaTester
Teng CheaTester
Christopher FletesTester
Dante GainerTester
Philip GuadagnaTester
Brian HarrisTester
John HerberTester
Peter HoangTester
Andrew HutchesonTester
Orell JacksonTester
Kyle JonesTester
Jason KellyTester
Schuyler KoTester
Andrew LeeTester
Jun LenhTester
Daniel "Alex" LewisTester
Jarryd LudovicoTester
Jose MaldonadoTester
Lamar McHaneyTester
Diego MeloTester
Erik MontoyaTester
John NelsonTester
Tom PatonTester
Joey RelifordTester
Eugene SmilovitskyTester
Bobby SmartTester
William TompkinsTester
Traye TurnerTester
William VossTester
Joseph BaldenweckTester
Kyle BrabenderTester
Sean LavenderTester
Tony LoTester
Christopher RillesTester
Andrew RoquemoreTester
Samuel SoukkamphaTester
Karl HodtwalkerTester
Carlo PelaezTester
Raluca RomeroTester
Jason LamTester
Don EscuetaTester
Jomokian ArbuckleTester
Dan BuchmanQuality Assurance Standards Lead
Dmitryi KhlyninQuality Assurance Standards Lead
Christine LethebyQuality Assurance Standards Lead
Junior SisonQuality Assurance Standards Lead
Harold ButchartStandards Tester
Jayson CookStandards Tester
Robert HamiterStandards Tester
Rhianna KellomStandards Tester
Charles LamStandards Tester
Tony StamerStandards Tester
Rey Casto BuzonMastering Lab Supervisor
Dmitryi KhlyninMastering Lab Technician
Matt EllisonHardware Technician

Sega Europe

Jurgen PostCOO
John WardCFO
Yusuke SuaiSenior Vice President, Business Planning
Jim WoodsDirector, Development Services Sega West
Charlie O'ConnorHead of Studio Localisation and ESD
Corinne CalloisProducer
Mariusz SzlantaEastern European Localisation Producer
Matt EyreGeneral Manager - Aliens Franchise
Rowan TaflerSenior Brand Manager
Amy HutchisonSenior Brand Manager
Stefano BaroloAssistant Brand Manager
Nick McKenzieHead of Web Design
Mac AdancSenior Web Designer
Natalie ForsythHead of Operations
Dean TrotmanCommerical Director
Peter ChanHead og Licensing & Business Development
Nivine EmeranHead of Licensing
John ClarkVice President, Digital Distribution
James SchallDirector of Digital Distribution
Anh LuongDigital Downlaod Account Manager
Mark PrinceOnline Financial Analyst
Nicky OrmrodDirector of Legal and Business Affairs
Theo ShumDirector of Legal and Business Affairs
Nichelle CarrSenior Legal Counsel
Marina CabourLegal Executive
Edwina HaddonLegal and Licensing Executive
Alison Peat-BorrelliDirector of Creative Services
Jeff WebberTraffic Manager
Noud TempelaereCreative Team Manager
Ranj VekariaCreative Artworker
Ed BostockCreative Artworker
Asha ChauhanTraffic Coordinator
Michael PowerSubmissions Coordinator
Elliot KidnerMultimedia Producer
Akane HiraokaVideo Editor
Amanda FarrEuropean Marketing Director
Ben WalkerSenior Product Manager
Anna DowningSenior Product Manager
Sam SadeghiSenior Product Manager
Stefan McGarrySenior International PR Manager
Sarah HeadUK PR Executive
Jim DyerPR & Marketing Assistant
Alison GouldDirector of International Sales
Simon InchHead of International Sales
Lee NortonInternatinal Account Executive
Mark Le BretonHead of Program Office
Dave PitherSubmissions Manager
Ben HowellProcess and TCM Manager
Ghulam KhanHead of Quality Assurance and Localisation Quality Assurance
Teressa WrightProduction Manager
Ben JacksonResource Manager
Marta Lois GonzálezLocalisation Manager
Antonella MarrasLocalisation Project Supervisor
Jesús ÁlvarezLead Translator
Luis J. ParedesLead Translator
Nicole ThomerLead Translator
Anais ManiavalTranslator
Chiara CanuTranslator
Daniela KaynertTranslator
Gabriel CasasTranslator
Giulia ChecchiTranslator
Giuseppe RosaTranslator
Ronan SalonTranslator
Sebastián SalgueroTranslator
Tatjana NathTranslator
Phil AdamsMastering & Equipment Manager
Mike VenessSenior Mastering Technician
Paul HannAssistant Mastering Technician
Shaun YoungAssistant Mastering Technician
Luke TarasekProject Lead
Julie MetiorFunctionality Supervisor
Rob De JagerProject Monitor
Alex WilliamsProject Monitor
Chris DadswellProject Monitor
Colin PearmanProject Monitor
Chris EvansSenior Tester
Simon TaSenior Tester
Charles AliSenior Tester
Nathan PragasamSenior Tester
Laurence HartSenior Tester
Stefan JamesTester
Jason GooneryTester
Matt MartinTester
Sam WolffelTester
Francis LamTester
David BrooksTester
Clint GibsonTester
Dominic TaggartTester
Ian EvansTester
Matthew DolanTester
Troy GermainTester
Scott BoneTester
Ade BenjaminTester
Alexis TrustTester
Chris GibsonTester
Murat DemirTester
Michael James PettittTester
Stephanie CaveTester
Kaile WalkerTester
Richard KirkTester
Gregory FrameTester
Jason CiniTester
Ricky HetheringtonTester
Ross PeacockTester
Stephen MacconvilleTester
Santino MolinaroTester
Nicola GelnarTester
Michael JamesTester
Joe StannardTester
Josh KingTester
Billy McCarthyTester
Harley PalmerTester
Darran WallCompliance Supervisor
Arron CaneyCompliance Coordinator
Chris BarnettCompliance Coordinator
Mohammed AjaibCompliance Coordinator
Chris BrownsellCompliance Senior Technician
Leo PaineCompliance Senior Technician
Martin WalkerCompliance Senior Technician
Alexander AbbottCompliance Technician
Anthony PhillipsCompliance Technician
Bryan MenciasCompliance Technician
Chris NashCompliance Technician
Daniel Oviedo AlarconCompliance Technician
Dennis AllenCompliance Technician
Gary BeckerCompliance Technician
Gary MillerCompliance Technician
Haren PatelCompliance Technician
Harley PalmerCompliance Technician
Kevin MurphyCompliance Technician
Louis LiCompliance Technician
Marvin AndrewsCompliance Technician
Michael WebbCompliance Technician
Miles MontyCompliance Technician
Ollie WhiteCompliance Technician
Alessandro IrrancaLanguage Quality Assurance Supervisor
Ruggero VariscoLanguage Team Lead
Pedro OrtegaLanguage Team Lead - Support
Andrea MassaLanguage Assistant Team Lead
Ricardo ValleLanguage Assistant Team Lead - Support
Michael WillenborgLanguage Senior Tester
Alexandre JuliaLanguage Tester
Ana Belen CasadoLanguage Tester
Carlos SánchezLanguage Tester
Caroline RajcomLanguage Tester
Daniele ViolaLanguage Tester
Daryl SautterLanguage Tester
David JuanesLanguage Tester
Dorane SejeanLanguage Tester
Eleonora VillellaLanguage Tester
Elfriede TillianLanguage Tester
Endika PosadasLanguage Tester
Erica BerghiLanguage Tester
Etienne DumontLanguage Tester
Firas Al SekranLanguage Tester
Giovanni BaldasseroniLanguage Tester
Hugues BondouxLanguage Tester
Irene SchauermannLanguage Tester
Jeremie MarechauLanguage Tester
Juan JimenezLanguage Tester
Juan OrtegaLanguage Tester
Maddalena Di RosaLanguage Tester
Melanie SchickerLanguage Tester
Mercedes TarríoLanguage Tester
Raquel Uzal-GomezLanguage Tester
Rocia de la Flor RománLanguage Tester
Sébastien KernstLanguage Tester
Serenella GimaldiLanguage Tester
Stephanie HomaLanguage Tester
Thomas GillmannLanguage Tester
Una MarzoratiLanguage Tester
Wissam BounejraLanguage Tester
Chris BienAdministration and Finance Coordiantor
Chris GeilesQuality Assurance Administrator
Chris BaileyShift Monitor
Tony LanganShift Monitor


SEGA Special Thanks
Style and Design
Cedric "Mac Fly" LebretonSpecial Thanks
Charles "Leonarts" LeonardSpecial Thanks
Paul-Claude "Polo" EpinSpecial Thanks
Xavier "Comte D'Arcy" CarpentierSpecial Thanks

Twentieth Century Fox

Consumer Products
Jeffrey GodsickPresident
Gary RosenfeldSr. Vice President, Interactive Games
Richard BorsiniSr. Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs
Mike DoyleVice President, Interactive Games Production & Development
Jennifer DanielsDirector, Marketing
David SwiftDirector, Creative
Josh EspinosaManager, Marketing
Andrew KrenskyAssistant Producer
Ben LioeProduction Coordinator
Steve AsbellSpecial Thanks
Andre EmersonSpecial Thanks
Ryan BoyleSpecial Thanks
Janie FreedmanSpecial Thanks
Sean NagasawaSpecial Thanks

Aliens: Colonial Marines

50 /100

Released: 2013

Buckle up, soldier! Welcome to Aliens™: Colonial Marines. Created by Gearbox, the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite developers of Borderlands and Brothers In Arms, you and your friends will become the most badass...