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Alone in the Dark 3 (Credits)


Bruno BonnellProducer
F. BarbierTechnic & Programming
D. FerratonTechnic & Programming
J. M. MorelTechnic & Programming
C. NazaretTechnic & Programming
L. ParetTechnic & Programming
C. AntonSets & Animation
D. BalageSets & Animation
F. BascouSets & Animation
P. CharpenetSets & Animation
Etranges LibellulesSets & Animation
F. MalvesinSets & Animation
J. MouclierSets & Animation
Studio MiroirSets & Animation
H. ChardotScript
C. NabaisScript
F. MentzenSounds & Music
E. DawsonVoices
"Sonic" HayesVoices
S. JohnsonVoices
E. MillerVoices
J. StoneVoices
C. SgorlonCoordination
P. ChouzenouxEdition
J. PenotEdition
V. SalmeronEdition
B. Reiter VialleTranslations
S. BranchuTesting
O. RobinTesting
Special Thanks To
R. BotteetSpecial Thanks
E. CarnbySpecial Thanks
N. CellierSpecial Thanks
P. CraponneSpecial Thanks
O. GoulaySpecial Thanks
W. HenneboisSpecial Thanks
E. MottetSpecial Thanks
V. TerraillonSpecial Thanks


Alone in the Dark 3

76 /100

Released: 1994

Edward Carnby looked up. An Eagle was visible as it skimmed the light of the moon. Slaughter Gulch, never had a ghost town been so aptly named! The hot sierra wind blew open the swing door to the old saloon bar... A...