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AlterVerse: Disruption

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Genre: Adventure, Fighting, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter

The AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building multiverse, where users can play and create an infinite number of interconnected, Player Owned Worlds. Player vs Player Matches – Alliance vs Alliance Matches - Daily Tournaments! Currently in pre-alpha, we are on the verge of releasing our first Game called Disruption on Steam. 5 Home Worlds and 10 Quest Levels in a variety of themes are also in development. Players will ... Read More

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Put the Hammer down! Mulitple melee weapons!
Fly an XR75 Fighter ship to glory!
Get your own Crew Room and customize it!
Raid a Ship's treasury...if you dare!
Try out the Plasma Blaster!



It was a Leap Year, the day was February 29th.

Astrophysicist Percy Mullake was experimenting again.

He had been trying unsuccessfully for three years to create an infinitesimal Einstein-Rosen bridge in his lab when suddenly a shimmering portal appeared.

This was no miniature wormhole.

He peered into it…

He tossed a pen through it…

He wanted to step into it but suspected that would end very badly…

He could barely contain his excitement!

Was it a gateway into an alternate universe?

What worlds and adventures might exist on the other side?

But then, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. He meticulously recreated it, but it closed again after only minutes.

There was no doubt, he had created some kind of disruption in the space-time continuum!

He was going to need more power to stabilize this thing.

A LOT more power…
A space-worthy craft was built to enter the portal. They called it a Disrupter Ship.

A space-worthy craft was built to enter the portal. They called it a Disrupter Ship.

An opportunistic financier named Sidney Trawle learned of Percy’s discovery and the quandary he faced.

Trawle believed the safest way to enter this anomaly would be aboard a space-worthy vessel with enough power to create the disruption field and enter the portal while, at the same time, protecting the people inside from whatever lay in wait.

He approached Percy with the idea and they immediately began construction of a powerful disruption field generator built into a spacecraft capable of carrying a crew and everything they might need.

They called it a Disrupter ship.

Upon completion, the ship was christened “The Magellan”, and a crew of the best and brightest scientists and engineers was assembled to sail into the unknown.

A salty dog named Jake Blade was chosen to be the Captain.

The dangers of the mission were great, and they knew that if they left, they may never return.

They said their goodbyes — and boarded the ship…
They said their good-byes and boarded the ship.

They said their good-byes and boarded the ship

With the power of her massive plasma engines, the Magellan created a disruption field, opening a new portal.

Her white-knuckled crew held tight as she moved slowly towards it.

A sound like thundering tornadoes shook the ship. It lurched forward and seemed to stretch as it entered the whirling portal.

Bodies, equipment and lights became ribbons of color as they moved forward in slow motion.

A frightening wave of metallic clanking rippled down the ship and then suddenly, there was silence.
They found themselves in a vast empty space.

They found themselves in a vast empty space.

The inky blackness of space enveloped them.

For several days they sent out probes and scanned the emptiness with only the distant sun as a guide.

They had entered a solar system they later called Solone.

Then one day they spotted the faint golden glow of what turned out to be a small planet. It was a cloud-covered orb with a thick, but breathable atmosphere.

They named it Aureus after a gold coin of ancient Rome.

Over the next few years, the spacecraft made countless trips back and forth through the portal, gathering supplies and equipment.

On a great, round platform high above the clouds where the atmosphere was optimal, the first Sky City was erected on Aureus.

It would soon become a social, financial, and governing hub of the Solone System.
Over the years they built the first Sky City on a planet they called Aureus.

Over the years they built the first Sky City on a planet they called Aureus.

As more habitable planets are discovered, they find each planet dotted with remnants of civilizations, seemingly familiar to those found on Earth in more ancient times.

And yet, no human life is detected, what happened to them all?

Shoving the mystery and potential danger aside, Trawle’s mind races with a focus on opportunity.

He quickly forms the AlterVerse Corporation with the intent to build more ships and bring in settlers.

He and the ranking members of the Magellan decide that they should protect the integrity of these “home worlds” and restore the villages to their previous condition.

They knew that governments and local currencies would need to be established, work began in earnest.

Settlers will have the unique opportunity to adapt to the customs and lifestyles of the former inhabitants with the added thrill of interplanetary experiences they mused.

For Trawle, there was going to be ample opportunity to benefit from this new “wild west” adventure.
More habitable planets and resource rich moons are discovered in the Solone System.

More habitable planets and resource rich moons are discovered in the Solone System.

The first Disrupter ships rolled off the production line and sales began in early 2019.

The Captains of the newly minted mega-ships began recruiting members for their Alliances as they prepared for their first foray…into the AlterVerse.