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Amber: Journeys Beyond

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Genre: Adventure, Point-and-click

Platforms: Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)

AMBER is short for Astral Mobility by Electromagnetic Resonance device invented by a promising scientist in the field of paranormal activities, Dr. Roxanna. In order to conduct the experimental testings of the device she secludes herself into an abandoned mansion, rumored to be haunted by ghosts and spirits. In her research Roxanna confirms those rumors, however, fails to respond on numerous phone calls. Her friend, Joe, presu... Read More

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The protagonist have come home from work and check your e-mail. It seems that your friend Dr. Roxanne ("Roxy") Westbridge has recently purchased a reportedly haunted house in North Carolina and is performing paranormal tests there. A friend of yours asks you to check on her, as he is worried that she may be too hasty with the still undeveloped ghost hunting equipment. You drive to the house by means of the highway and then a long dirt road leading to it. Suddenly, in the middle of the road an apparition appears as you are turning left to follow the road. You swerve to the right to avoid the ghostly shape and end up buried in the nearby pond. As you emerge soaking wet from the pond, you explore the garage and house. Roxy appears to be unconscious in the garage with a device on her head and the house has no electricity. After restoring electricity, and exploring inside the house you discover that Roxy has several types of ghost hunting equipment: surveillance cameras, the BAR (Bulbic Activity Reader), a doorknob sensor which detects spiritual residue in doorknobs, the PeeK, a pocket television-like device which allows the user to listen to the sounds in the doorknobs, and works with the BAR and cameras to observe spiritual activity from a safe distance, and the AMBER (Astral Mobility By Electromagnetic Resonance) headset device itself, which allows the user to actually enter the minds of ghosts to discover what they are thinking and seeing and to remind them of who they are so they may ascend. The last device is still in the testing phase and its use is considered to be very risky. Apparently Roxy's spirit is lost "somewhere" while she was attempting to use the AMBER device.